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  1. angecroft

    Steampunk - First 3DC Project

    Hi there ! Have you any update of your project ? I feel lonely as a newbie myself in this contest lol
  2. angecroft

    Turtle Submarine

    Absolutely amazing ! The colors, the shape ... I just love it
  3. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    ok but I don't know how to create this shapes without touching it with brushes :/
  4. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    Thank you HorribleHog ^^
  5. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    Hi! A little update on my lunch break today
  6. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    Thank you both for your support ! It warms my heart.
  7. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    I know I'm already learning but not as fast as I want and I don't have the result that I want. It's a bit demoralizing, but I have to continue anyway
  8. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    Small update, again it's taking me an enormous time to get there ...
  9. angecroft


    Nice explanation ! I have so much to learn I'm not sure I will use it on my own piece but really interesting approach anyway.
  10. angecroft

    Spacepunk ship

    Wow really nice ! I like the colors too You didn't keep the feet ?
  11. angecroft

    Hover train

    Hi allexr, I'm watching your youtube speedsculpting about the Fantasy Flying Ship and I wonder what is the difference between the hide tool and the cut ? Sometimes you use the hide and others the cut and I don't see any difference :/
  12. angecroft

    skate/hover board

    Nice idea with your wheels I love it ! Great shapes too
  13. angecroft

    Steampunk TriTruck

    I love this locomotive !
  14. angecroft

    Steampunk train Syberia

    HI ! Here is an update of the locomotive of the train. This is taking so much time to have just this small result
  15. angecroft

    Hover train

    Nice !!