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    New PC build, need advices.

    The only one that is actually sold or even only shipped by Amazon is the Ballistix one, the Corsair and G-Skill ones are sold and shipped by other stores outside of Amazon circuit and support. If the Corsair one was available directly from Amazon it would be a no brainer. Never heard of Ballistix but that's my fault for not being well informed enough, I'll take a closer look at it. Thanks for the links btw, I'll keep looking for it, maybe between now and when I'll buy the parts Amazon will make some of it available through them.
  2. FragGames

    New PC build, need advices.

    In Italy Amazon has the best prices on PC parts, some other eBay or else stores may have, on occasion, some good offers but looks quite shady most of the time. Also since I'm buying pretty expensive stuff I prefer to take it from a store that has a great customer support in case anything goes wrong (I don't know how Amazon support is in other countries but I had solely extremely positive experiences with their support so far).
  3. FragGames

    New PC build, need advices.

    So far looks like the 1080 will be on the 799 Euro mark in Italy and that's way beyond my budget for the GPU only but I'll wait for it anyway. I'll install a 500GB SSD for system, apps and currently-working-on files and then add a 1-2 TB HDD as an archive.
  4. FragGames

    New PC build, need advices.

    So higher frequency RAM is not a must and doesn't necessarily equals dramatic performance improvements. The only RAM I can find on Amazon Italy is in 4GB or 8GB modules, so the max I can make is 32GB with 4 x 8GB modules Sure I'll throw a 1 or 2 TB HDD in there, just not right away to keep the budget under control. Thanks for the infos.
  5. FragGames

    New PC build, need advices.

    Of course I can add more RAM afterwards if I see I need it (the H170 supports up to 64GB) while the GPU is a "milestone" purchase in the new build. I'll wait for the 1080 to be out but looks like in Italy it will be sold in the Founder edition only and at a 799 EURO price point. At least I can hope in a price drop on the 980ti. What kind of issues did you had with it? Thanks for the reply!
  6. FragGames

    New PC build, need advices.

    Hello 3Dcoat Community, It's my 1st post here and sorry if this topic has already been discussed on the forum. Also sorry for any grammar mistake as English is not my native language. I'm going to assemble a PC to produce game assets in Maya, Mudbox and 3Dcoat and use it in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5, since my technical knowledge is limited and couldn't find precise answers to my questions on the internet I'd be very thankful if someone of you could help me shine a light on by doubts. The parts configuration I'm going for as of now would be: CPU: Intel i7 6700K 4.2GHz 8MB Cache MB: Asus H170 Pro Gaming RAM: Kingston Fury X 2133MHz 16GB GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 980ti 6GB 2816 Cuda Cores Storage: SSD San Disk Ultra II 480GB CPU FAN: Cooler Master Evo212 Windows 7 or 10 plus 2-3 more case fans, 650W psu and of course an adequate ATX case. My doubts are: 1- I read a lot about Quadros being the best of the best for 3D modeling, but also read a lot about NOT beig the right ones for the kind of modeling that goes into 3D game assets so is the Quadro a must or will the GTX 980ti do fine? I also read a lot about Quadros not going well with game engines that prefers gaming-oriented GPUs. Is the 980ti an overkill and a 980 (non ti) will be enough? 2- Is 2133 16GB RAM enough? Better go with 32GB? Better go with an higher clock RAM (3000-3600MHz)? 3- Is the i7 6700K enough to not experience slowdowns (specially in high division levels in Mudbox or when building very mesh-populated scenes in the editor or baking big maps in 3Dcoat) or should I look at 6 cores CPUs? 4- Any issues with Win10? What about Win7? Thanks again for your help, I'm just willing to make sure I'll be spending this (quite a lot of) money on the right equipment.