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  1. motrJR

    Seven wheels for speed

    Definitely my favorite mechanical design and well executed. Just sick! Top 3 for me, certainly.
  2. motrJR

    Turtle Submarine

    I did prefer some design cues from the original concept more but I realize how hard it can be to transfer concept to model 1:1, especially with mechanically operating parts. Regardless, easily among the best here. Very safe bet to make that you're among the winners imo . The final render's composition is beautiful.
  3. motrJR

    A Multi-Themed/Purpose Vehicle

    Unfortunately I am sadly going to have to bow out as I just couldn't get the rest of the process down in a way that I was content with, being new to this and all. Good luck to all those who finish and are in the running. And of course thanks to Pilgway for the contest and opportunity which worked out to be such a motivated period where I learned so much in my attempt. I really fell in love with the 3D process because of this and for that I am all sorts of grateful for the driven introduction. It's been a priceless experience even though I never achieved a finished piece
  4. motrJR

    A Multi-Themed/Purpose Vehicle

    Thanks! Actually yeah, it was originally intended it to be land, air, and sea-worthy (I'm going to put the wing-cloth material on the arms in a bit ...and it's supposed to have a second set of supplementary wings in addition to the ones on the main arms [but Idk if I'll get to that... right now I'll just be happy with getting to having a decent render in any form or fashion..]).
  5. motrJR

    A Multi-Themed/Purpose Vehicle

    Here I finally started to figure it out ... Instancer makes things easier with jumbled messes and custom geometries I figured out... And here I am today! ....my very first "completed" model (I still have some things I want to add, but I am happy with the detail and the dynamics possibilities)! Now it's time to do my first retopo, baking, texturing, rendering and everything! Just hope to God I can pull it off...
  6. motrJR

    A Multi-Themed/Purpose Vehicle

    Time to put up! So there's my concept... Learning the software... Really didn't know what I was doing... (couldn't quite figure out how to make the forms I imagined...)
  7. Wow. I am totally confused. I don't know what happened, but when I first made this post I tried both the GL and DX versions. I explicitly remember going back and forth trying each one multiple times. They were both slow as heck but the DX version was slightly better. Then I did that other stuff. Anyway... Now... weeks later (after having to reduce res all over the place on my model) I just accidentally hit the GL version and it's blazing fast. Smh. What.
  8. Thanks Carlosan. Honestly, I'm not quite sure what I'm seeing in that video... though I haven't gotten into the retopo part of the whole thing. Maybe it will make more sense to me after I've gotten more acquainted with the process... As for the funny performance, I've set up a larger page file on my hdd, uninstalled a bunch of programs that were apparently running services sucking up memory, and finally reinstalled my Intuos 4 drivers (same up-to-date drivers as before I think)... it just seems that it didn't "migrate" well with installing 4.7? I don't know how to put it... It would jump (the cursor) and since uninstalling and reinstalling I haven't had that problem. Maybe it wasn't the latest driver actually... Idk for certain. Anyway, still kind of weirded out that the 4.7 was running so much less smoothly than 4.5 initially. It's running good now so that's all that matters I guess!
  9. Whoops, meant to say proficient but just as well... I don't run a lot when modeling aside from netflix in a tiny window to the side. Which brings another point: never noticed any extreme framerate drop (in netflix) until post upgrade. Anyway, I imagine the software just might get a little wonky upon big updates? This is my first "upgrade" (really just long-term trialing during the competition) so I'm not sure (don't really follow any software so closely/use any extensively enough to know if this is a common during such transitions for outliers).
  10. I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this in. If it needs to be moved please do. My computer is this: i7-3770k @ 4.3 GHz, Radeon HD 7850 HD 2 GB (bottleneck!), 16 MB RAM, 500 GB HDD plenty of space, Windows 10. Ever since upgrading to 4.7 for the latest and greatest, I've experienced some funny slowdown I didn't expect (fyi, I use the DX version as GL is not usable with my setup). The same model that ran fine in 4.5 is quite a bit slower in 4.7, to the point of near un-usabilty. Also the free memory seems to have taken an absolute nosedive. I even deleted a ton of the model (revamping), and yet the memory is lingering around 4700 whereas I would expect it to be somewhere like 8000 at this point in 4.5. I am a computer efficient person but not clear on all the technicalities. I have tried closing all sorts of things running, for instance GameJolt client, Smartware, etc. in the taskbar and it helps some but are there any reasons I'm not aware of for all of this? Or anything I can do to really help out performance? I already did the Windows appearance thing for performance but I don't know what else to do. It almost seems at this point that if I get the model more complicated I'll have to go back to 4.5 just for usability-sake. Also, as I'm totally new to the whole retopo, texturing-baking thing I was wondering if I could technically take a model portion, retopop/texture/bake, and then use that more optimized model within 3D Coat while sculpting the rest ...as a sort of workflow I guess. Anyway, anybody got any tips or experiencing similar?
  11. motrJR

    Steampunk TriTruck

    I guess I'm weird then cause I really like elements of different ones besides 001 + 002 much more entirely. Oh well. Good luck with the bg - can't wait to see the final thing.
  12. motrJR


    Nice. The driver looks like an evil steampunk Bender. Love it.
  13. motrJR

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    I'm going to say my peace and that's it: I think this is a fine decision because.... [reasons already stated above by RabenWulf. I was about to repeat it all...]. As a newbie I have learned a TON throughout this highly motivated period, ultra-extended trial, and was really bummed when I knew I literally couldn't finish my model, do my first retopo, first texturing and rendering I've ever done all in a mere week to finish out. This truly helps people like me who were at a natural disadvantage, as well as others obviously: busy schedules, latecomers, etc. Yeah, the real world is harsh, unforgiving, has firm deadlines, and is in no way accommodating except in the rarest of occasions - so I'm just thankful to Pilgway for the extension and I hope that my best will be good enough to compete - not just to win, but also for anybody who might win, to give Pilgway something they can be excited to display and use effectively, to further their own success, which by extension is beneficial to us all (just not the fewer number who have a ready entry currently) by the whole nature of the industry, etc. In the end it's as much about both as it one or the other to me and this extension gives ANYBODY the chance to deliver an even better product to Andrew and the team, who I think we can all say we appreciate their hard work? I honestly don't understand why anybody would get upset at the opportunity to do just that. Why not use it?
  14. motrJR

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    Hmm... I guess I will resume and finish my entry after all!
  15. Ugh. Of course right after I posted this I tried simply reopening the file (for a different reason) and it's all working well. I guess that's all I have to do every time. Never mind.