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  1. Dobby

    Border edge polygonflow

    Could you explain what you mean by "may do additional smoothing for better aligning" ? Where can I find the "shell tool"? I imported a B/W image and 3DC auto-created a nice spline from it which on import could be turned into a mesh with depth. That also gave sharp edges, if with a trianglebased edgeflow at the border, I think that is what you were referring to.
  2. I understand that Voxels cannot be subdivided like one would do with polies. I'm reading the thread you linked in your last post and getting a glimpse of understanding. However my understanding seems to lack in terms of 3DC specific workflow. Can you link me to some videos concerning this topic? Best would be one that compares the ZB workflow (multi-res) with 3DC voxel based workflow (does it necessarily include "voxels -> surface"?). Frankly I still don't see how voxels are superior to the dynamesh-way and feel that I cannot get moderately sharp edges in 3DC. Cranking up the resolution with Voxels just makes 3DC really slow before achieving a proper level of detail on the surface.
  3. Dobby

    Border edge polygonflow

    Is there a technique to get a clean edgeflow like with polygroups?
  4. Dobby

    Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Looks great how those single parts are coming together! Is it all voxelbased? Do you merge parts? Could you show how you made the parts to the sides which hold the spiked cylinders and have those adjustmentscrews on them?
  5. Does 3DC utilize a multi-res workflow like ZB does with its "subdivision levels" or should I use a different approach? Is there an alternative workflow to using polygroups for surface/edge flow control?
  6. Dobby

    Border edge polygonflow

    Thanks, Carlosan. The VoxLayer with settin "auto-voxelize" gives a blobby-bordered shape. Set to "create as surface" gives a result closer to what is intended. However, the edgeflow needs to be smoother - in ZB I get this effect when applying GroupsLoops, additionaly I could use "polish". How to do do this in 3DC? As you can see the vertical parts are quite corrugated.
  7. Hi all! Could someone explain to me, what the benefits of working with voxels are over polygons? I wonder what use they have workflowwise, because from my newbie-standpoint I cannot yet see what I gain in comparison to ZBrush's Dynamesh. Also I feel that 3DC does not give me the same level of surface control as ZB does with using polygroups and the related options. I do not at all mean to bash, I'd really like to make a transition to 3DC, but need some answers first, which maybe you can provide! If that question has been asked already, please link me to it and close/delete this thread. I could not find a thread.
  8. Dobby

    Border edge polygonflow

    Hi, this question is related to another one from me: But asks for more detail. I wonder how to replicate the following workflow I know from ZBrush in 3DC. I need to understand how to get good, clean edges in 3DC or if that isn't really possible and would only happen in Retopo. Please have look, sorry for small images:
  9. Dobby

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    looks good and brings a funny vibe! i'd like to see it better - different lighting, maybe brighter materials? conceptually, what is the use of this mechrooster? is there a seat for a person or is it remote controlled/autonomous?
  10. Dobby

    Steampunk Tank/Robot

    As far as I have seen, 3DC also has a cogwheel preset. I tried to create one myself in 3DC but as of now lack the technical knowledge. I have taken a quick look at the welder script for 3dsmax (video, do not use 3ds myself anymore) and frankly think it looks inferior to using 3DC. Also, if I haven't missed anything, it just gives quite "blobby" seams. Of course, that might be something you want. I'm just thinking aloud here, maybe it's of use for you. When thinking welding seam, I imagine sth like that: It can be quite messy or really clean (machine-perfection like), but it's main characteristic seems to be those single dots of weldingmaterial. I imagine that could be achieved quite well using curves + obj or some other technique I don't know of yet as the newb I am. Anyway, keep posting!
  11. Dobby

    Steampunk - First 3DC Project

    no real update, but I'm on it. The getting used to eats the little time I had in the last weeks, but I hope to have more to spare soon and will send an update asap. Do not feel lonely and get going! If you like we can look into newbie-problems together!
  12. Dobby

    Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    2) By stencil you mean the logo tool? cut off to get rid of the middle part? How can one get really sharp edges using the stencil/logo? Without very high res it seems to get jaggy edges.
  13. Dobby

    Steampunk Vehicle - Tank Fortress

    Although you state you weren't experienced in 3DC your work sure does look like it. Maybe you've got time to answer some questions from someone TRULY inexperienced 1) How did you make the tanktreads and then let them go around the inner wheels? (something like duplicate along curve?) 2) The step-by-step images are really valueable, thanks for those! Could you explain how the last three steps work exactly? (Make alpha to mesh and bend?)
  14. Dobby

    Number 28

    Please proceed! I like the cartoony vibe. Maybe the exhaust could be more "wacky" to pronounce the style more? How did you achieve the ladder and the pipe near the front?
  15. Dobby

    Steampunk Tank/Robot

    good shapes, they work well together! did you use preset cogwheels or sculpted/modeled them in 3dc? will the round bits (radially applied) be merged somehow with the baseshape? same for the fingers. realistically I'd expect some kind of weldingseam or similar.