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  1. I have a gun model High Poly loaded. I have a retopologized Low Poly mesh. I created my UVs on the LP. Now I want to simply bake the Normal Map info while in the retopo room. I cant find a way to do that. But when I am in the UV room I can export the model and check the box for Bake Normal map. But there is No HP in the UV room so the normal map is flat with 0 data.??? Why have the Normal map bake option in the UV room when there is no way to import the HP? It would seem that if the LP that was the retopo mesh is still in the retopo room along with the HP mesh it should be a simple solution to bake from there. Am I missing something?
  2. MAX3D2

    Retopo Draw Shapes or NGons with Equilateral Sides

    Thank you Carlosan. This I feel would be a great feature when trying to make a perfect circle retopo. Maybe having it perfectly equilateral is not needed. I am not sure. Since these retopos are for game models maybe no one will see a slightly wobbly circular shape. Eyeballing it by hand is pretty close btw. This also maybe impossible to do since the verts are going to snap to the surface therefore breaking the equilateral edges. I thought about importing the retopo into 3dsmax and making the shape I need, then attach it and export it back into 3D Coat. Then try to place the verts without buggering the thing up LOL.
  3. MAX3D2

    Retopo Draw Shapes or NGons with Equilateral Sides

    I guess I will just have to do a work around or go back to Topogun or Zbrush for retopo. Since no one seems to know the answer.
  4. Is there a way while in Retopo Mode to draw a NGon shape on the surface of a mesh? Both sides of my hipoly mesh has a circle cut and extruded into the mesh. Of course you can freehand redraw your topology. But the edges are not equilateral or equal in length. The freehand method works but is not accurate enough for me and what I am doing. It would be nice to have the ability to draw a NGon shape onto your surface with a defined value for the number of points or edges.(Exactly like you can do in 3DSMax). This would make the task of doing circles a breeze in the retopo process. This ability might exist in 3D Coat but I am still a noob with this application. max3d2