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  1. ghostweeble

    import/export textures with NO PADDING?

    Thanks. I'll look for the 'feature request' submissions! Seems like it would be possible to implement.
  2. ghostweeble

    import/export textures with NO PADDING?

    Hi Carlosan, I've tried that preference and that doesn't do what I need. That preference cuts all the textures off at the UV island when you import from photoshop. What I need it to do is to leave a layer alone and not delete the image outside the UV. Thanks, mm
  3. Hi all, I'm using 3dCoat 4.816A on Windows. I'm wondering if there's any way to work with 3d Coat where it leaves certain layers alone, without adding padding around the UV Islands. I'm working on textures that are being used by multiple objects that have different UVs. Whenever I edit or import textures via Photoshop (CTRL+P) the layers get padded to the UV islands. Is there any way to turn this off? (Let me know if this makes sense!) Thank you!
  4. ghostweeble

    [Solved] UV map subdivision object from Maya problem

    False alarm! It turns out that 3d-coat WAS subdividing the other meshes, but they weren't being 'smoothed'. I had to go into Maya and set the Mesh Display to 'Soften Edge'. I still get an empty "default" object in 3d Coat though. Thanks! (I'm not sure how to delete or put "solved" on this post.)
  5. Hello, I'm trying to use 3d-Coat 4.7.06 GL64 to paint a model created and UV'd in Maya. It's a model that consists of 4 separate meshes, which I've assigned different materials to in Maya in order for them to appear as Objects in 3d-Coat. I'm having some problems: My Import settings: -I've set Initial Subdivision in 3dcoat to the second choice (to approximate the 2 levels of smoothing in Maya) - Uv Set Smoothing is set to Smooth, Keep edges. My problem: - Only one of the meshes is getting subdivided. - There is an additional object in the Paint Objects window called "default". It seems to be empty. Can any help me figure out what the issue is in my process, or if this is a bug? Thanks for your help!
  6. ghostweeble

    Lock Transparency hotkey issue

    Hi Carlosan, Thanks for your reply, but I'm a little confused. I already have Pick_Color remapped to "C", which works fine. What I'm trying to assign is Lock Transparency. I've exported and opened up the keyset file and I can see that my hotkey seems to be showing up as: </OneHotKey> <OneHotKey> <ID>OneLayerInfo::LockTransparency[1]</ID> <Code>T</Code> <Ctrl>false</Ctrl> <Alt>true</Alt> <Shift>false</Shift> <AllowStack>false</AllowStack> <UserDefined>1</UserDefined> </OneHotKey> It just doesn't seem to work correctly. I don't want it to lock transparency for just this layer, I want to be able to toggle the lock transparency box for the layer I've selected. Have I misunderstood your message? Thanks! mm
  7. ghostweeble

    Lock Transparency hotkey issue

    Hi all! I'm trying to map Lock Transparency under Layer Blending to a hotkey, so I can toggle it on and off. For some reason the hotkey doesn't seem to 'stick'. Once I select a different layer, the hotkey disappears. Is this a bug? Is there some other place that I can assign a hotkey to Lock/Unlock Transparency globally? Thanks! mm