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  1. Hi I have used 3d Coat for years and periodically search for a tutorial on a feature that I assumed was so obvious that it must be present in 3d Coat. Each time I fail to find an answer and give up, but on this occasion, I thought I should ask if only to confirm my suspicion that it never existed. Why can I either flood fill or spray paint a texture while sculpting or painting using an alpha brush? Surely if I want to paint reptile skin I should not have to dab the brush over the surface making little islands of texture with blurry areas in between? Why can't I just sweep over the surface using pen pressure to vary the depth and size of the scales? I attach a picture illustrating the problem of painting with a static brush that I have taken from a tutorial by Learn3dsoftware.com.
  2. That may explain things:) Thanks I made a table top out of voxels. Worked a treat;)
  3. Hi I have been trying to render a scene in 3d coat. I brought models into the paint room, textured them and tried to render them with Renderman. Everything appears to work correctly except that only part of the scene renders. The scene is composed of items on a table. this scene renders OK with the default 3d coat renderer but Renderman only renders the table top without the items on top of it. Is there a way of selecting or excluding items from the render? Am I supposed to render each object separately and composite them in some way? Any help will be much appreciated. (I have to say its a lovely render of the table top)
  4. Hi I went back to my original settings but made a new model and it worked perfectly. Here is an Iray render in Daz Studio. The whole experience makes me a little nervous of creating anything too time-consuming as I can't explain what went wrong. I'm guessing it's my rubbish retopo skills. Thanks for helping Screenshot of my settings for posterity too.
  5. Hi No in the Daz Studio render I used 3d delight but the same results are obtained with Iray. I also tried rendering another lo poly model made with 3d Coat and it rendered OK. I don't like the model so may start again. I would still like to understand the issue though. I imagine 3d Coat gets used with Daz a lot for clothing and props.
  6. Hi Can anyone explain what is happening here? I sculpted and retopoed a car that looks ok in 3d Coat but is horrid on export to Simlab and Daz Studio. This is the paint object in 3d coat This is the mesh This is in Simlab without Normal map This is in Simlab with normal map Daz without normal map Daz with normal map
  7. Hi I'm posting this picture in the hope that someone can explain what has happened. I can't work out how to place seams before baking and when I move them after seams appear in the place where they were originally on the the Normalmap layer. Any pointers would be appreciated. Best regards Keith
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