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  1. quicksketcher

    Steampunk TriTruck

    So neat to see using curves to create these pipes. Or pretty much your objects. They create this sketch feel to them.
  2. quicksketcher

    Steampunk TriTruck

    drool....sorry. LIke those chains and the design on the top fins. Art deco.
  3. quicksketcher

    Steampunk - Scorpicus Motorbike

    So good design pattern/detail on the tank!
  4. quicksketcher

    Turtle Submarine

    thats a cool sub.
  5. quicksketcher

    Steampunk Food Truck

    Here are quick rough concepts sketches for the Steampunk Vehicle Challenge. Sketched on my iphone while commuting. Not locked down but searching for interesting shapes/designs to bring these ideas in 3d. I just began delving in 3d this year and found out about 3D Coat that I could sculpt and paint in the same package. This challenge is a best way I could do to try this awesome program, so far I'm liking sculpting in Voxels! Will practice more and will post some rough models base on these sketches. Stay tuned. Cheers! More a bit of the food truck. It's run by a fly chef that cooks food truck food...not sure what yet. May I ask fellow 3DCoat members what grub you think this guy will cook up. Thank you. John B.
  6. quicksketcher

    Seven wheels for speed

    so awesome! really like the smudges! was that done in 3DC? Made it look going fast!
  7. quicksketcher

    Steampunk Truck

    Really like the detail on the big gear. Looks like a gun trigger.
  8. quicksketcher

    Hover train

    So neat, like the theme colors too.