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  1. I have had this interesting puzzle for some time now. When I apply a smart material, the preview box shows this astounding, detailed, just *gorgeous* material. When it's applied- not so much. Here's a sample of what I mean, as attached. What am I missing?
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    My name's Brian. I am a hobbyist (especially until I raise the cash for a full version of the software). I am a stay at home parent, so in between bouts of raising a 3 year old bent on world domination, I try my hand at working with 3dCoat. I *love* this program. I use Blender sometimes for a rough layout of whatever doodle I end up working on, or a head from 3D sculpt (An app for tablets), and fiddle accordingly. While I can model in Blender- my texturing/ UV mapping is useless to the point of nightmare. I have *tried*, darnit. :-P 3D coat makes me almost look like I know what I'm doing. I can make a wide variety of textures (and have). My most fun challenge has been a brick wall from a nearby church. NOTHING lines up- as in, there's not a single, solitary mortar line that is even remotely straight! Not a software, or even camera problem. The mortar is simply *that* squiggly. As time goes on, I hope to have something substantial to show off.