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    Awesome work Michael, an amazing little piece of software!
  2. SIgor


    Thanks Michael, I am trying to render it in IL, but with no luck!
  3. Thanks a lot! Cheers
  4. Hi guys, is there a way to install extensions on another DRIVE instead on C? I was manage to install 3D Coat on another drive but when I install extensions, they are saved by default in the DOCUMENTS section of C DRIVE on Windows. So is there a way to change that? Thanks, Igor
  5. Hi ajz3D, thanks for the reply. But I am not sure how to do that, any suggestions? Cheers, Igor
  6. SIgor


    Thanks buddy!
  7. SIgor

    3D Coat Painting

    Models and painting practice by me!
  8. SIgor

    Scene/object scale

    You need to resample a volume layer before adding object to the viewport/actual scene.
  9. Hi guys, I was wondering how would you deal with mesh like this http://prntscr.com/e18cwp So far I found 3D Coat excellent app for hard surface modeling. Still need to figure out how will I do re-topology for it, but I am almost there. Model SS
  10. SIgor

    Scene/object scale

    Try to resample it for few times...
  11. SIgor

    Dealing with complicated meshes?! How to?

    Little update...
  12. SIgor

    Changing Open GL to Cuda?

    Guys, how can I change that setting inside of 3D Coat?
  13. SIgor

    Changing Open GL to Cuda?

    Thank you!
  14. Modeling - Cinema 4D Everything else 3D Coat
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    Awesome stuff! Brilliant...
  16. SIgor


    Great job mate!
  17. SIgor

    Saxon Ring

    Awesome, is it also rendered in 3DC?
  18. SIgor

    Lowride Custom Made Tattoo Machine

    Thank you, much appreciated.
  19. Is there a way to bring back defaul materials, or reset any changes that I made. Something is broken, for sure.
  20. Hi guys, here is my problem, when I download custom materials from your site from RESOURCES, after installing them, nothing is showing in the TAB manager under materials. What m I missing here? Regards, Igor
  21. SIgor

    Introduce yourself!

    Check this out, maybe this will help.
  22. Smart Material deleted: Smart Material Applyed on a new Layer with FILL TOOL Smart Material properties:
  23. @AbnRanger, I have one more issue that I just cant solve. Look at the attachment please, now how can I remove those letters, what ever I do, that text always reappear there. But its just a case whit that one Smart Material, is it possible that I saved it somehow when I was editing that same material and now its somehow imbeded there. I really dont know how else I could explain this. Regards, Igor