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  1. After allot of hard work & dedication, the final render Image is done, I am absolutely blown away what I created with this software! I started learning 3D Coat 2 weeks before June 14th, and I started this project June 14th amazing! May the best 3d coat modeler win in great cheer! Wish you all luck!
  2. So here is the rendered Scene next for final touch ups for steam and fire lights will be done in Photoshop after this, I'll be done in couple of hours...so excited:
  3. Here are the alphas I put together in Photoshop for the gear thingy above:
  4. So I was brainstorming of what can I add to spice of the steam punk theme, I searched on the internet and found an image of a steam punk gear thingy, than I set up to create it thanks to the amazing sketch tool!:
  5. scene: mostly created in 3d coat. Since the contest rules are, " should be created in 3d coat." only the steampunk headlights created in 3dsmax and the alphas or textures created in Photoshop, for the objects and textures I couldn't create do in 3D coat, the rest i mean the whole scene was created in 3D coat, I just couldn't see myself cheating, because I love a challenge:
  6. Afyer using this software for about a month and a half, in my experiences, 3D Coat has took over the modeling industry by far. its very easy too learn. it also caters to professional artists to make their visions come true! I am so appreciative for this opportunity to leanr this software and engage in this excited challenge! Here's some smart materials I created for this Steam punk theme:
  7. Going for grunge grimy look with the painting!
  8. I don't know what this is? But its a start!
  9. Scene Start. Allot more to go, but in stage one of design process! Again hand painted this time i used masks to get fie painting details. I am enjoying this!
  10. thanks wait until the scene is done now the deadline is extended..wooo hooo hoo ho! This is so fun!
  11. All done so far in 3 weeks. This software is so fun to use. 3D Coat lets the artist go all out! Final Paint Job, now i am finishing up the scene to render
  12. hand painted no masking used all by eye, i like to keep it artsy.
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