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  1. 5150powerinfo

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    i entered the contest stating i was new and posted info for new people trying to enter the contest. my post past the allowed data so i had to wait to post my progress and for that i was moved to newbe page. but i thought this was to get new people interested in your software. so if i was moved to a different page am i out or will i be in both pages i updated my progress
  2. 5150powerinfo

    steampnk skud

    steam motor and wheel
  3. 5150powerinfo

    steampnk skud

    basic idea
  4. 5150powerinfo

    Turtle Submarine

    that look nice and that is a great sketch how did you add light i am supper new to this
  5. 5150powerinfo

    steampnk skud

    dose any know how to make glass in 3d coat and tell me how or a good you tube video thank you
  6. 5150powerinfo

    steampnk skud

    i started leaning this program last Friday with the free download in hopes of using the program for my nonprofit 501c3 thanks to AlienMinefield i can try to win against all of you great people