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  1. abeconis

    First Official Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to all the winners!
  2. abeconis

    Steampunk underwater explorer

    FINAL ENTRY Thanks Pilgway Studio for this amazing contest, it was truly a pleasure to participate. This is my final entry – “Steampunk underwater explorer”. Additional shot Check out this model on my Sketchfab Here Steampunk underwater explorer by Andrius Beconis on Sketchfab
  3. abeconis

    Steampunk underwater explorer

    So, setting up materials in Blender took quite a bit longer than I expected, but finally, managed to get 1:1 look. This is a first test render. Still a lot of things to fix and add, but as for now, I think it’s cute. I’ll also play with ship’s positioning and camera to find some more interesting shots.
  4. abeconis

    Steampunk underwater explorer

    Texturing finished. I added some decals, bolts, and ornaments on side planes. Changed some materials and made everything come together a little more. Also, cleaned back part of the ship, where occlusion and dust made it almost black. I did one mistake during this project by using only one 4k texture for the whole ship and one 1k texture for glass parts, which I’ll probably scale down to 512 later. While general resolution seems OK, very small parts, especially on the captain’s bridge, have some baking and resolution problems. These problems won’t affect the final render, but will be seen in Sketchfab. Now I’m starting to think about final composition. Not really sure how I want the scene to look like, but hopefully, tomorrow I’ll be able to make some cute test renders.
  5. abeconis

    Steampunk underwater explorer

    Halfway through texturing and this is what I have so far. I spent a lot of time trying to find a look that I’d like and I think more or less this is it. It’s still missing all the small details and ornaments, but base materials are there.
  6. abeconis

    Steampunk underwater explorer

    Low poly is now ready for texturing. https://skfb.ly/R6Ns
  7. abeconis

    Steampunk underwater explorer

    After taking a small break, I’m back and here is my progress. Finally, had a chance to play with 3D Coat, and for now, I just joined some parts together, welded them and did some other small adjustments. I’ll try to make ornaments and other decor elements during the texturing phase. I also finished with the low poly version of the model, and it’s now ready for unwrapping and baking. When I’m done with baking, I’ll upload this model to Sketchfab.
  8. abeconis

    Steampunk underwater explorer

    This is a finished base model, and it’s now ready for detailing in 3D Coat. Main things I want to do next: wood sculpt, welding marks, bolts, ornaments on side plates, propeller guards, and front window.
  9. Hello everyone, This is my first time here and I'm very excited for this contest. I decided to go underwater and create something that is meant to go into the blue unknown for the very first time. I imagine this vehicle to be rough and a bit crazy in its design because first-time explorers don't know what to expect. I'm starting with no concept and so far I'm only blocking out some rough ideas in Blender. I'm entering this contest late and I don't feel like I have enough time to learn 3D Coat's sculpting tools, so the majority of modeling will be done in Blender and I'll turn to 3D Coat for detailing and of course, texturing. From what I've seen, texturing should be really fun and I can't wait! Here is my progress of the last couple of days.