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  1. Hey Guys, I'm just wondering if it's possible to merge paint objects, or export with one material set? as currently i'm getting 10+ material sets in substance when I only want one, and I know it's because I have multiple paint objects. Any help would be appreciated, cheers.
  2. So, I posted her last week with a problem, it was remedied when I updated my 3D coat, but now a new problem has arisen! Basically, I retopo'd a high poly mesh, and exported the Low poly mesh, uv'd it, but when I bring it into any other 3d application (or 3d coat itself) it's completely blank? I've made objs in different 3d programs and when I export them from the retopo room it just deletes the contents.. is this a bug?
  3. Not Updated in a while, gonna do it tonight, cheers for the heads up!
  4. Hey all, new to these forums. I've been trying to use 3D coats Render room for my renders, but any time I switch on "Realtime Render" and click + move the model, I get these un-sightly shadows that only appear when moving the model, almost as if the light is really low in the scene. This wasn't the case before and it's proving to make moving the lighting in my scene about really difficult. Hopefully someone knows what the problem is here!
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