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  1. Hey all long time.. So I have finally decided to check out the new 2021 Open Beta. Opinion so far: The UI/UX: It feels unpolished, it glitches, not Properly Organized either. ( it was nice to just switch a TAB and vice versa ) I found something that would have been rather cool to see as an actual feature, yet somehow I believe this is maybe something that one could make as a feature.( See Vid ) A few brushes act practically the same ( Clay Engine Cool, but feels like just a clone of: Grow,Vox Clay, Carve? (Please for ethical reasons make it Carve from the get go) The Smudge Tool is still bugged after 3 Years ( Why even bother right?), brush Size is a Pain to use for Large Projects/Objects // The Sculpt Room brushes feel way better // The Cloth Tool is freaking Sweet ( Still needs improvements ) As for the other implementations ( Box Modeling is still unpleasant to work with ( Check out,IMO >> Hexagon <<< this little tool is better then, Blender,Modo ,ZB, Maya, etc. This ( Box modeling ) should be straightforward yet it lacks the UX one needs for people like myself who enjoy working fast. It feels rather pushed and not well planned out. The Transformation tool is still a pain to work with. New Render room is cool, but why not let it use the 3Dconnection Correctly( It's just one extra step to use the mouse). Add Visual Lights/Cameras ( We need to see what and where things are, not just guess around and type numbers in, this is something I expect from a Program that was made in DOS) I could go on, but that's enough critique for now. Keep up the good work and someday you will get there. I'm out Greetings & Cya! Is It a Bug? Is it a Feature? No! it's 3DCoat
  2. Hey Tom, If I may add my advice. Try sticking with version((( 05 Very stable Direct Link 3d-Coat-V4_9-05-64.exe )))) until the next release is really stable maybe 39 is, but 34 wasn't even if it was a official release. 3Dcoat is cool with all it's updates, but there is no need to update all the time to the latest versions. It may be cool to always be updated and to try out the latest features yet it is not essential.. If you use eBay or something alike. I'd recommend buying a simple old 30 bucks hard-drive with 80mb/s + reads and writes and maybe 250gb space they may be a bit old, but I have a few since over 5-10 years ( my tip a NAS server HD they are always on sell) and they work just fine or if you have a few more coins to spare get a fast ssd 120gb 510mb/s or more ( trying to keep it price friendly sure you could go all in too ) that is if you want to have more versions or other Programs that need faster speeds.... Also if you have lots of Materials the best way to bring them over to a Version that you like. Would be just by Migration. 3DCoat has it built in inside the last few latest versions for a while now. Same goes for the Version Path data you can change it now directly inside of 3Dcoat. I still do it the manual way Steps: Create a folder on a extra hard-drive. so : Folder name = 3DCoat_49_05 then when you install 3Dcoat just either change it with the Automation that is build inside of 3DC or create a new "txt" document on your desktop "coat_data_path.txt" then inside that doc change it to the driver etc: Like this >> D:\3DCOAT\49_05 " what ever driver Alphabet name the driver name is for you. Then just put that " Text doc " inside the installed folder of 3DCoat. If you already installed the version you like using then delete it from the " Documents folder " that way 3DC gives you a clean setup and you will have it now inside that new folder with the basics. It will ask you for the code just hit try or type it in again. Also if you want to keep the old stuff " that is if you have self made stuff " just hit the Migration inside of 3DC and it will auto transfer anything you want from the old Version " No clue how many versions are supported " Hope this helps Good Luck !
  3. Yeah, but they just released it again as a stable. It is not even a beta any more. Im gessing they want to take part in the " Sale time people at home " influence I can already confirm the undo issue. Also Cloth sim is having issues. as for using older versions same here, but there are just some Programs that do it right and new tools make workflows better. Just do not release betas. Affinity, Zbrush have done it correct until now need I name more? If they made it a paid release they would really have to change something for me to pay for it. Like MD,SP,SD etc.. GPU is great, but only if u have a Hardware my CPU has never let me down. It is always the Software that is not optimized. Same goes for "Games" Wolcen is a nightmare with 0 Optimizations and COD is clean/smooth as butter. If you only add add add and never clean up the code it piles. I Guarantee you that 90% would want a Stable " I can handle anything then " Hey here are 10 more new tools "... and some bug fixes.. " oh wait we added 15 more bugs in the process.. Time to juggle " You get my point? Version 7.05 still the best release.
  4. So? Can I trust that this is really a stable that did not introduce more bugs? Reading the above I am already seeing that what I wrote a few weeks ago would continue. Lets hope not.
  5. So I am happy that you have noticed this. I have proven my point then. This is the only reason why I am asking you to fix this issue. It just doesn't make sense and the " Marketing team " should be aware of this and fix it right away = False Advertising. I am always happy to test a Beta. Also Most of us are aware not to use a BETA for true Work. So the people out there trying to act as if nothing was happening.. you guys really need to wake up. Nobody is claiming here anything else. All we would like to have is one Professional SOLID STABLE Version. And not try to release it as STABLE ASAP just because you can put it on "SALE" That is unprofessional and dishonest to the costumers and People who actually are awake and do care for " Professional Programs such as the few I have named. " Each release that has been sent out.. keeps getting better and better.. And yet still to this day some bugs just stay the same and only new bugs have been introduced. This is wrong in so many ways to ignore the People who actually do care that have reported these issues. - UI is Annoying and irritating.. ( Give as at least the option to go back to the Original Theme Icons. ) ( Really Hate the new ones ) - Matcaps should really come back ( they were really good ) -Symmetry Still Snaps.. Curved mode?.. ( Why hasn't this been fixed already? -Smudge Tool still behaves as if it were on some lucid effect. If some People think that some are Trolling. It just proves ignorance to you to ignore the truth and justify it as if it were so. There is no need to SHRUG OFF requests here just because you do not have a proper answer. I have seen Request on Trello / MantisBT that are still on that waiting list even if they have been up-voted. Yet till this day only very few have been respected and Professionally dealt with. And more features have been added that are rather cool, but all you are doing is adding more tasks to a already overload of Bugs that need fixing. / Please stop ignoring them / ( I am not speaking to only one person. This is a General Comment to the people who believe that everything is Perfectly fine! ) Thank you.
  6. I do not use Blender as much as I would like to, but they have changed a lot and it has become a very important Software that can handle almost anything the Industry uses. One big Bonus about Blender it is Open Source and FREE.. Also Epic Games gave them a huge Chunk of Money that opens a hole lot of new Opportunity's. Not to mention All the Plugins that help Big time for a faster Workflow.
  7. I do not use BETA's at all. I am talking about " STABLE RELEASES " Just as my post requested. I know you are a long time user, but do you really think People would blame every update from Windows or other Drivers because 3DCoat is unstable? I am sure aware of minor Problems that can occur when Microsoft releases a change in some line that messes with interactions etc.. Yet that is not my point. I am talking only about " STABLES RELEASES " that are made for the RL People who bought 3DCOAT that do not want to be apart of a BETA. Those are not STABLE releases not one that has been released since the past 3 Years was really Stable. This is not my first Message with this request to build a Proper Release you should know that because you already almost typed the same thing last time. Don't go AUTOPILOT on me/us.. All I want is a Stable Release that doesn't have flaw Code. Betas Should not be given to the Public to test they should be closed Betas where only a hand full of people should be testing them and not just sending it one to be a Stable Download right after. Good for you that you have so much knowledge about updating you still lack the understanding that People who don't want to use a unstable Program as a STABLE release. Also why even post Beta tools on the YouTube channel. That is false Promotion because they do not work and most people who look that those videos believe that that's how it works. After that they fall into the " Great Deal Trap " Its called False Advertisement doing so. 3DCoat added Renderman for no reason for maybe 5% would even really use that Program. There are Far better Renderes out there. Cut the biased attitude. being blind that 3DCoat has a lot of bugs that have not been fixed yet so many new tools have been release is just pure arrogant to the hole situation. Before adding new tools Fix the bugs. 3DCoat should be a top Program, yet still lacks things that you cant just ignore. " this whole : we have a mask tool too " is complete BS " So many things are just missing why add more if you can't even fix the bugs that are at hand. It would be like " Skipping a RED Light " and deep inside you would be like " I should pay the fine, but f*ck it I'll pass time to skip the next. If you ignore all the Bugs that are inside of 3DCoat it just means that " The DEVS " have gotten lazy and started skipping way to many... These Pile up. btw Nobody asked for a new UI and yet it was still made. ( Looks Honorable, and we can't change it to a Legacy option ) This is just pure Autopilot. This is why 3DCoat will always be last in the choice of usage. Substance, Zbrush, Heck even Blender is getting really really good. Do you understand? Perfect!
  8. @Andrew Shpagin Any chance that you will add a " Visible Transform Tool/Gizmo to the Lights" inside of the rendering room? Could be so useful... "All with A Transformation GIZMO ---> Directional Lights, Point Lights, Spot Lights, and well Sky is already there What would be really cool is if you could add support for IES import on Light as well" Thank you.
  9. Hey I am testing out the 4906. Bug: In the Layer Panel at the very bottom. You can see that the Icons are there. "Quick actions I like to call them " Anyways the bug " Symmetry is missing. Bug:I get a lot a real low 9 .. fps in paint mode if I am painting on the mesh direct from the Sculpt. In 4905 I did not have this problem and the mesh size was 100-milion ( ~up to 300 FPS ) Got a 1080 / i9780XE 64GBram, ssd etc.. custom made by myself ) ( spitted and I do not lag ). As I mention before in 4905 have made it the best Bug (Almost Free ) Update to 3DCoat since I have bought it. Since I am not using "Larger Programs like Maya or Blender" I do Kind of wish 3DCoat would add maybe a few more things. Import Pre-Textured objects in the scene for editing/ Rendering and while keeping the mesh already build in the scene. Sometimes I would like to just color all at the same time. Then Export each Mesh separately with Textures. Idk would be cool. Lights with Pivot points would be really cool. You can render really well inside of 3DCoat and use the Render lights to bake in lighting texture on the Painted Mesh Surface, thus making it become logical to do this with multiple Imported Meshes that can also be together processed. I will give an example in the real world: If you Spray-Paint you have a area of range where the paint spray will hit its location while pointing to it, simple if you get closer you may get less Randomness and the lines become sharper. This effect is if you are paint spraying multiple parts, and some are closer and further away. Some will get more paint others not. I think it is so cool to step back and observe how great 3DCoat as a App is and how far it has become. Really like the new Icons, but I would make them Darker. It is hard to see them as buttons-icons to press. Make it darker and while pressed lighter. Then you even get a cool Futuristic " Flat design, but with a Twist " Thank you.
  10. Version 49.3 Works like a Charm. 400 Million+ Voxels on a GTX 1080 at its max and no Crashes Yet. This is rather Impressive, thank you and Congratulations This is a Good Update keep it up.
  11. Yep Autopo gives a Crash. Yet I must say I worked on SL for about 4 Hours now and just 0 Crashes I almost forgot that this is a Beta exe-- It felt real stable for me. just Autopo did remind me :( .... I tried all kinds of Complex stuff Back and forth // 10kk Model all running rather well!. Keep it up!
  12. Hi I might have found a bug within the Voxel room. Here is a Video showing the Problem.
  13. Greetings Gorbatovsky aka Alex As Carlosan already wrote. "A polygon modeler really needs to be implemented. A better Connection to the Sculpt room. As a Old School CAD Modeler ( no Autodesk stuff ) I found that the tools that give the best user Experience are the tools that are shown with a Visual State. I'm sure you heard of Hexagon ( now Free ) They have a amazing Set of tools. Another one is Design Spark ( Free too ). Not many people know about this unless they do there research or have somehow used it for school as I have. This Tool is Golden when it comes to Bools, Splines etc.. I really understood what was going on out of the box unlike other tools. So my Point really is. If you want to show 3DCoat Retopo some love. My Personal advice would be to check them out Most of the Polygon Tools are great and do the job well, but the problem is. Most of the time they were made by Professionals who already have 10+ years of Experience in there workflow. So the tools are made for experienced people. Thus forgetting people who are just starting of or who do not even yet grasp how do " Cut edges " for faster Workflows. Pros love shortcuts because they know what they want. So UI / UX gets lost and becomes not so necessary because they can hook everything up the way they want it to be... and they know what the tool will do for them.( they have a workflow already) A good example is: If you want your software to be really User Friendly it has to work with people who only have one Hand. Because if they can Click it all without shortcuts and still obtain a proper speed and understand how the tool is doing it's Part and they do not have to worry about do's and don't s.. Then exploring becomes something unique and not something Bound to one Perspective leaving everyone else behind. Most artists do not really want to learn how to read a Machine, but we love how it works and how it can be used as a Tool with the other bag of tools we already have. Some Dev's forget this and build crazy functions ( Like ZB ..3 ways of Saving stored in 3 different places instead of just making 1 place to save, with a check marks to add or remove a functions while it is saving) ( This may be a bit philosophical, but should be pointed out. ) Thank you and best of Luck
  14. This has been around the past 3 years. I started just using Cut and Clone instead ( hope that helps), but yeah it would be cool if it would be fixed.
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