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  1. Thanks. That will be great.
  2. Hi. I've installed the latest build, and the smooth brush is extremely slow in the Paint Room. Here is a video showing the problem. This is on a single polygon that I baked from the retopo room. Smoothing shows almost no smoothing and it is terribly slow. Anyone else getting this? Slow_Smooth.mp4
  3. Werner_Z

    Werner's 3D Coat Journey

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the response. Just wanted to mention that I forgot to ad Mark Zimmer's name as the rigger. He did an amazing job building the rig in Houdini. The rhino was sculpted before sculpt layers, and it would have helped so much. Next time.
  4. Werner_Z

    Werner's 3D Coat Journey

    Here is a quick edit of some of the shots we worked on for a local film called 'Frank & Fearless'. I sculpted and textured the rhino in 3d-Coat. Rigging and animation was all in Houdini.
  5. Werner_Z

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    Oh wow! That is great news. Works great except for the Rapid brush, but it is way less than before. All the others seems to work much better. Thank you soooooo much.
  6. Werner_Z

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    Fantastic news. Thanks Andrew and Carlosan!
  7. Werner_Z

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    Draw = good Clay = bad Buildup = super bad Expand = good Extract = good Rapid = bad
  8. Werner_Z

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    Here is an example of some of the major brushes at work. It shows exactly which ones does it and not.
  9. Werner_Z

    Brush Enguine problems getting too much

    What I find strange is that some brushes does it and others don't. Unfortunately the more widely used brushes have this problem.
  10. I'm really finding it hard to work with the brush engine on "facing away" angles. This never used to bother me, so I wonder what changed? Both were in Voxel mode, but Surface mode has the same issues. The first is the Surface Clay Brush and the second is Clay and Build brushes. I love 3d-Coat, but this is slowly pushing me back to other software for sculpting. With short deadlines, this is a massive problem, and I'm finding it hard to waist so much time on fixes.
  11. Werner_Z

    Retopo - next big Step

    Here is one that I think would be awesome! Please can we have Soft radial falloff on transform and scale in the retopo room. Here is an example from 3d Coat and Houdini.
  12. Node based SmartMaterials. Give us this and see new user flock to 3d-Coat. The Layering system is old and limiting.
  13. Werner_Z

    [BUG] Brush engine issue

    There is a setting in zbrush to fix this. We found it under Brush/Samples/Preserve Edge. Set that to 100 % and the problem goes away. Even Blender gets this right. Pity that 3d-Coat does not have this function, as I will be working on film quality animals soon, and this bugged me sooo much the previous round.
  14. Werner_Z

    [Bug] Sculpt brush issues on facing away edges

    Thanks Carlosan. Good to know that someone else also logged this issue.
  15. Can someone please let me know how to manage this problem. Whenever you get close to geometry facing away from camera, the sculpt brushes over explodes into a strange pull. Mudbox has a setting to control the effect on edges with a angle based falloff. Is there anything in 3d-Coat to avoid these nasty problems?