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  1. I am attempting to bring into 3d coat a high poly model, to which i will want to retopo, followed by painting onto the high poly to then bake down to the low poly. How do I bring in the High poly model into 3d coat to allow me to do these steps? The high poly model is not unwrapped or has its uv's laid out, but I am told that this is not required when it comes to painting onto the high poly to then bake down to the lower.
  2. Im a brand new owner of 3d coat, and i have been attempting to download the extras kindly given from http://3dcoat.com/download/#1 under the resources area, the only issue im finding, is it is creating folders inside the smart materials tab after installing (file -> install extension -> selected file) but inside the folders are nothing, the materials are not there, yet the folders under smart materials have been created. what is the procedure to get these smart materials downloaded from 3D coat themselves into 3D coat correctly? Cheers
  3. Decker

    Maya appLink

    I have done the following, in 3d coat, file -> Export to -> Maya. when I do this, it opens Maya 2016, so far so good, it then brings up the window for specifying what I want exporting and how, but I just leave it to default, I click okay, a small progress window pops up in 3d coat showing which texture map types are being exported, and then.....nothing. Maya does not open the object, and when I attempt (this is just a guess as there is little to no information about the process of getting things from 3d coat to Maya) click the import button in the 3d coat app link, I only get a small yellow dialogue window at the bottom of Maya saying '# Warning: <Applink> No information for processing import' In Maya I have the 'Exchange dir' location to Documents/3D_coatv47/Exchange, and this is the same place i export my object in 3d coat. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  4. Decker

    Maya appLink

    Brand new user to 3d coat, I have managed to get the Maya applink working, i can export my object to 3d coat fine, but i don't seem to be able to get it back to Maya as the demo video shows, is there a video that shows the process in getting the model and/or textures back to Maya (preferably one that is not 3+years old.
  5. I have downloaded all of the free extras available on 3d coats site, but a few of these have not appeared to have worked, i installed them by the file -> install extension process, but it seems that i have empty folders inside my smart materials in the paint room, these folders from 3d coat are V2 Legacy Extra Materials, PT BUMP SQUARE, PT BUMP MATH, and Bricks. All these were downloaded from http://3dcoat.com/download/ in the resources area at the bottom of the page, in the materials page. So after the installation of these extensions, i am now left with folders with nothing inside of them (apart from the close and new buttons) could someone explain this to me and what i am to do, cheers
  6. Yeah, i have the same issue, once downloaded and going through the normal procedure of importing the 3d coat file package, it doesn't seem to actually be ready for use in the smart materials window. How is it possible to download and import a PBR shader/Smart material in 3D coat?