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  1. ChristianClavet

    Blue Screen of death (serious system crash)

    Hi, I would recommend doing a full memtest. There could be an issue with ram. The lowest bank could be ok since your other application (that stay in the lower part of your 16Gb doesnt crash your PC). That could perhaps explain why it crash only with 3D Coat. If you have 32Gb, I think you should have 4 sticks (8Gb per stick). A full memtest will determine and confirm if there an issue with your ram. I would do it overnight (8+ hours or more). You can download and get UBCD that contain that tool. You need to boot your PC from it. (CD or USB key)
  2. ChristianClavet

    wintab vs tablet pc

    Hi, I have 3D Coat, Windows 10 is fully updated to fall creator update, a NVidia GTX 1080 and working with a old wacom intuos 3 tablet. It's working in wintab mode. I don't have any issues to report for the tablet here. But I'm not using the keys on the tablet only on the pen. It's not working at all or you have specific issues?
  3. Hi, I've been working on creating a demo level for the new Banshee Engine (www.banshee3d.com) The engine is not yet ready and still in development. Since I started it, I'm building the application from source (github) as the developer update it and add features... Everything you see is still wip. Once the Banshee Engine will release the final version, I will post the completed level pictures... All of the model geometry started from 3DS Max, then the UV and painting were done inside 3D Coat. 3D Coat has been incredible to help me add those details and have really nice textures. I had to resort of only using 3DS Max for the bigger parts (like the walls, floor and ceiling), because those parts needed tiled textures. This is some sort of underground base, with a spaceship inside. I plan to have more room (hangar with lifting platform and perhaps a bar). Later we would add some interaction like opening the doors, and lighting up the level (all is dynamic and using a PBR pipeline) There is no light baking and all is rendered from the engine in real time. There is more than 100+ light in this scene. Since the ship and all of the level are made by parts; here is the cabin interior from the 3D Coat interface: Here is the game editor interface with the ship interior: Here are from the game camera:
  4. ChristianClavet

    pattern holes in mesh

    You could create holes in the layer 0 in the paint room to have the holes. Could be a lot of work with all the detail I've seen here.
  5. ChristianClavet

    3dCoat to Blender PBR rendering problems

    Hi, Just looked quickly, and one thing seem obvious. 3D Coat use an environment texture for the reflections. You don't seem to have one for your model in Blender. Can you recheck you model and be sure you and have set an environment texture for the reflections? You can check there to see to define the environment texture:
  6. Hi, Sergyi, looking at your report, it seem you had a fresh installation of windows 10 and installed the windows update drivers for the video card and not got it from the nvidia web site directly. Can you confirm that you downloaded and installed the driver from NVidia web site? The lag, I saw in the video were refresh redraw update, like as 3D Coat requested an update to the rendering of the scene and something interfered (could be potentially a issue with the GeForce experience or Windows 10 game mode stuff). I doubt it could come from a driver tablet. I'm working with the GL version here in Windows 10, but keep GeForce experience not opened. On Windows 10 they recently implemented in game mode the game bar with DVR screen recording. That may be interfering with 3D Coat. All of that stuff is off here.
  7. Hi, I have some problem using the show|hide tool in 3D Coat painting room with my models. It's really hard to hide polygons sometime. I use the tool to hide areas that I don't want to paint and reveal stuff. The difficulty I have, is that I want to select a face to hide, and it does not hide it all the time. I have to repeat a lot of time and change my angle of view. It's like the "ray-cast" is blocked by something and doesnt see the face I want to hide. Any suggestion? Perhaps I don't know how to use the tool properly...
  8. ChristianClavet

    Texture pixélisé quand on regarde de près

    Désolé pour une réponse si tardive à un si vieux post. Mais c'est un problème que j'ai vu bien souvent... Bonjour, Sur les grand modèles, 3D Coat ne peut faire grand chose. Il faut couvrir le modèle d'une texture "seamless". Si tu prend un terrain dans un jeu, c'est réglé avec des "masques" qui définissent les zones qui aurons tel ou tel texture. Pour le remplissage, c'est avec un shader que le travail se feras. Les terrains normalement, se font directement dans l'engin de jeu et non à l'extérieur. Car tout un système de rendu de terrain est requis (shaders, masques, technique "rendu tri-planaire," technique par "splatting", tiling, LOD, etc.) Tu as ce lien pour un exemple de texture "seamless" (sans bordures) https://opengameart.org/content/seamless-terrain-and-concrete-textures Pour que ton objet ne soit pas pixelisé, il faut que la texture soit assez grande pour couvrir plus d'un pâté de maison! Une texture de 2048 peut disons couvrir pour environ 2 mètres (très approximatif), pour un terrain, c'est impensable! Seule solution possible est de faire répéter un texture "en tuile", et alors, il est requis d'avoir des textures sans bordures (seamless) Ce problème s'applique en fait à tous les grands modèles. terrain, bâtiments, etc. Pour un objet plus petit comme une bicyclette, une texture de 2048x2048 peut encore paraître bien si on ne va pas trop regarder de trop près... Il y a un outil dans 3D Coat qui permet de faire des textures sans bordures, mais j'ai récemment ouvert un billet car l'outil ne semble pas fonctionner correctement avec la nouvelle pipeline PBR.
  9. Bonjour, J'ai quelque chose qui arrive sur mes modèles récemment. Il me semble que toutes les coutures sont bien placés, mais quand je presse le bouton "défaire-unwrap", je pert quelques polygones de la surface de ma carte UV. Voici une image, quand je fait un AUTO-UV, tout semble correct: Et voici ce qui arrive si je presse le bouton "défaire":
  10. ChristianClavet

    [Solved] Issue with exporting, scale and smoothing groups

    Hi! Thanks! You saved me a lot of headaches! So the FBX pipeline cannot be used as it's currently unreliable! I was not aware of that. I followed your instruction step by step and found out that I was importing a Max FBX and 3D Coat seem to have triangulated it. Redone using the OBJ exporter instead, and now the object is not triangulated anymore in 3D Coat And using your recommendations, also exporting in OBJ to max and WOW! The object, have everything back (with the new UV map) I'm trying to make 3D models for a new game engine (Banshee Engine), and making a modular levels with props (as this is one of them), and had a big problem when reworking the model in 3D Coat. At first was thinking it was the engine that were importing improperly. I will not use FBX with 3D Coat until it's fixed. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I currently have a problem to use 3D with 3DS Max, Importing seem to work ok, but when I want to bring back the model in Max for finishing touches, I have some issues. What is the intented use for 3D Coat for this model, to create the UV for a low poly model and paint it. Issues: Scale is really off. When the model is back in Max, I have to scale it to 400%(Not 100% sure it's accurate). Here is a screen showing the original model and the model imported back. The model is really small. (Used FBX to export to 3D Coat, and fbx to have it back, tried also obj with the same result) Also the model is rotated 180 degrees. Perhaps too small to see... Once I rotated the model, and scaled it to 4000 (should be 400%), they look identical, but the imported model is triangulated, and on export from Max, I made sure the triangulation option was off. White is the original model, colored model is the one that I re-imported from 3D Coat. Found out that the OBJ version of the model keep the smoothing groups, but the FBX export loose them (all is smoothed as I have a single group) Is there a way to export without triangulation, keeping the smoothing groups(fbx), size and orientation intact? I know that there is this option to scale the model at export (the information entered there should be memorized)...