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  1. MotherShaBooBoo

    Violator "WIP"

    I'm making a my version of the Violator from Spawn, I always a bit a fan of the movie. I hope you like it.
  2. MotherShaBooBoo

    ABC Warrior Head

    ABC warrior head done completely in 3D coat. Hope you like it.
  3. MotherShaBooBoo

    A collaborative Monster art project

    Well I have got to admit the project was just a nightmare to do, The model had vertically no symmetry to it from the beginning. it was very difficult to get close to the same perspective as the artwork. And by the time it come to paint it I was basically over the project anyway and basically out of ideas. It wasn't a paid project so it was just to learn more about using 3D coat as I have just been using it a few months now. Oh well I will try harder next time
  4. Hi everyone this was a collaborative project I have been working on with and extraordinary concept/comic book artist Gary O Donnell. You can check out he's interview at comic book weekly here http://comicbookinterviews.weebly.com/interview-gary-o-donnell.html Also Gary's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/garyodart1/?fref=ts So check out he's page if you need concept art.
  5. MotherShaBooBoo

    The Pumpkin-ing

    I'm still new to 3D coat, So I'm just learning doing some fun little projects and watching loads of tutorials.I created this pumpkin after watching a tutorial making a Halloween pumpkin on youtube. I hope you like it. Cheers
  6. MotherShaBooBoo

    Something I threw together.

    Hi Tim Tim I was wondering how you went about doing the scales for the snake? I'm doing a sea serpent and having no end of trouble with the scales. Cheers
  7. MotherShaBooBoo

    Something I threw together.

    Yes Very cool!
  8. MotherShaBooBoo

    Introduce yourself!

    G'Day to all the folks at 3D Coat forum I'm Chris from Melbourne Australia I started in 3D modelling/Animation back when Alias Wavefront was the software of the day. Anyway I took a break from the 3D industry for about 4 years ago to pursue other things, now I'm just doing 3D stuff for the fun of it. So these days I'm just working on stuff I enjoy mainly working on a Fink style of art which 3D coat lends itself to very well. I found the 3d coat demo about six weeks ago and have been playing with it ever since. I brought the software a couple of days and enjoy using it very much. I personally think it's every bit as good ZBrush. So anyway I upload a few images a bit later as I become better with the software. Cheers