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  1. RobNash

    Multiple reference meshes??

    Aha! thanks! The rooms in 3dcoat are a total mess of an idea. I should be able to do that from the retopo room. The only thing I have realy had any problem with is the partitioning of functions between rooms. Fix this and you would solve many,many headaches
  2. RobNash

    Multiple reference meshes??

    Hi, Is there a way to easily get more than one reference mesh into the retopolgy room. I simply want to have different reference meshes on different layers so I can switch them on and of as I wish. The vox tree is diplayed in this room but apears to do nothing??
  3. RobNash

    [Solved] can you change zoom speed

    You have no idea how many times I looked in the preferences and didn't spot that. I need better glasses... Thanks!
  4. Hi, Is there any way to change the speed at which you zoom in and out of the viewport? I find it a bit fast and twitchy with mouse and wacom.
  5. Hey, Yes sorry I get you, using the re-topo rooms uv tools. Every 3d software has some weird quirks that quickly get forgotten. I'm at the beginning of my journey with 3d coat and have 23 years of pre conceptions of how things should be done to get over:)
  6. Thanks for the help. That is VERY counter intuitive. Logic assumes that you do your UV's BEFORE you bake...This is so obvious I am assuming you have heard this a million times already so I thank you once again for your straightforward reply.
  7. I have created a very simple retopo mesh and auto unwrapped it in the retopo workspace but I wish to send it to the uv workspace but cant figure it out. Help!