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    3DC to Clarisse workflow tips needed

    I'll check that, using very high poly density in critical areas might work But polypaint cannot do depth/metalness, only paint, right? So I only sculpt in Sculpt Room, then switch to Surface and go to Paint Room and start painting? That would be great I tried it and it works but indeed only for color. Is there any way to get the 3DC materials in use with polypaint? Like separate vertex map for color/glossiness etc.? But that is the only way to avoid 3rd party software/restart? Thanks for the tip! Antti
  2. Hi! I now use Clarisse for rendering so there is no need to do retopo. I love the 3DC Voxel sculpting so I usually start many objects with that. But when I'm done with sculpting, I of course want to make textures. Here the problems start as by my experience: -I cannot go from Sculpt room to UV to Paint without the really painful (and with Clarisse totally unneeded) Retopo phase -Retopo cannot load even a million poly object -Paint room can handle up to a million poly object but often crashes at random, even with only 500Kpoly objects. There are progress bars in very rare places in 3DC so you cannot know if it is actually doing something or if it has crashed. This does not only apply to Paint room and with high poly objects, it can happen with any tool. -AutoUV does bad results and manual UV with even a million poly object crashes 3DC almost surely The only way to get the process done is: -sculpt in 3DC -export Object (with decimation if needed) -import in ZBrush -make UV (dynamesh, uv, divide, project details) -use decimation master if needed to get it below million polys -export -3DC 'paint uvmapped mesh' -paint textures (if 3DC does not crash) -export object and textures -import in Clarisse OR if the object is less than million polys, I can export from Sculpt Room, then restart 3DC and use the 'uvmap mesh' but that sounds like I'm doing it wrong Can it really be that I need 3rd party program for this? I have tried to find tutorials and searched this forum and internet without luck. It seems that with 3DC the Retopo is the main thing, not sculpting and painting, please tell me it isn't so Is there a way to make UV for proxy and the apply it to original? (it would be close to ZBrush way)? Is there any way to get the object from Sculpt Room to (auto)UV to Paint Room without exporting and restarting 3DC? That sounds so strange that I must have misunderstood something, please help, any ideas are welcome Thank you very much! Antti
  3. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    I still cannot reply in "3D-Coat 4.7 (beta tesing thread)"
  4. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    Yes now it works, thanks
  5. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    Thanks but I get this when trying to just open that link: "Sorry, there is a problem You need Expert rank (+2000 content items) to post here."
  6. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    Ok I tried Mantis but bugs that I reported there were fixed already some time ago (4.7.10 but before this official release) but Mantis still lists them as unsolved Thanks for the tips!
  7. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    Thank you very much Which is best place/way to notify about bugs/ideas, that thread or directly writing to Andrew?
  8. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    Ah ok so not anytime soon Ok then I'll write to support as I already have once Thanks!
  9. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    Thank you But I wanted to report problems with latest beta but in the "beta tesing thread" I cannot reply or quote at all. Is that some special place where you need to invited or why is it like that?
  10. atnreg

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi! I'm Antti from Finland. A friend of mine suggested 3D-Coat and I bought it after watching couple of videos. And it is GREAT! Especially as I use Lightwave (with Octane Render) for 3D in general. I have tried to learn ZBrush for a year but already now I am much more familiar and 'at home' with 3DC than ever with Zbrush. I still have a lot to learn of course and that online 'manual' does not help with that but still I really like 3DC I also do 3D Printing at home (and at work) so 3DC using real units is VERY important to me as well P.S. What I need to do to be able to reply in this forum elsewhere? Antti