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  1. To 99% I believe, that I found the reason, after several uninstallations and testing different versions. I had installed the "3DC_brushes" pack from the website. After deleting it, the problem was not there anymore. Since then, everything works out great. Still testing though. @ Carlosan Thanks for the support.
  2. Yes, but even without them, the problem occurs. Also changing the shortcuts didn't work out. I also noticed, that the buttons on the left navigation lag as well, when clicked.
  3. Hi guys, I also have the same problem. Has anybody found a solution for it? It suddenly appeared and occurs in different versions (4.7.36, 29, 06), stable and unstable. The only thing, that I recently changed on my system, was installing a Flash player update. Maybe it is related to this? As I daily use Coat in production, I highly depend on it and reinstalling it everytime would be not a good workaround. Thanks in advance.
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  5. Fake advertising for an outrider toy from the best TV show ever (Saber Rider ) Created completely in 3dCoat to learn the tool for my pipeline. Time around 2-3days. It is amazing fast!