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  1. Thank you AbnRanger Will do right now
  2. Hi, How can I select multiple items in VoxTree? Not sure if is correct to say this, but since 3DC is Photoshop centric, can we select multiple objects + Shift and all items are grouped in one "folder" ? Thank you.
  3. You have been extremely helpful AbnRanger, thank you really very much for all your patience. Truly appreciated mate.
  4. I think it will be much better and even more intuitive to group the tools, that's great news! Those are some really cool / nice Hard Surfaces. But first let me focus on my croc tutorial I'm following
  5. I've been testing the brushes, very impressive and quite smooth really. I'm impressed I have to admit. I need to run more tests on the brushes you sent me. Big Thank you AbnRanger! Really appreciated!
  6. let me check it out now, brb
  7. hehe, for organic I still prefer Zb Wow, Thank you for sharing Jama's course. He has some interesting courses there. Let me finish these two courses from udemy first before jumping into that. I mainly do portraits as my time is very limited, but let see what the future holds with this new tool Cheers mate.
  8. I have a question though....... I am not sure if I should get 3DC now or actually wait for v.5 since we are already on version 4.7....... It would be good to know if I would to buy v.4.7, it would also include v.5 when release...
  9. And both are winners! I mean Zb and 3DC. On another note, 3DC is definitely a winner when it comes to Hard Surface (For me it is). I'm totally blown away how easy is to create new hard surface shape. The cut tools just works as one expect and Vox Hide, Objecti-fy... Oh boy Oh boy! I'm taking these two courses: Udemy - Hard Surface Modeling and Sculpting Course in 3D Coat and 3d Coat Sculpture Modelling, Retopo , UVs and Paint
  10. Both softwares are great in what they do. But for the little I know and understand, building hard surface is far much easier and intuitive in 3DC then in Zbrush. I am sure will be splitting my workflow still using Zbrush for organic, but helmets and armor, will try and do it in 3DC. I think the huge advantage 3DC has over Zbrush is really the Render PBR tab. That is something the whole world is hoping one day Zbrush will have, until then, 3DC wins with all hands. Every Artist works differently, while for many Zmodeler is a god sent tool, tweeking vertices and retopo in Zbrush is a pain in the butt. So, let me see what sort of hardsurface armor I can come up with in time , I'm definitely very interested in 3DC in this camp.
  11. Nice video AbnRanger! One question though, how did he manage to show the mesh in quads only in Sculpt Room? Also I find 3DC very good and easier than Zbrush for Hardsurface modeling. But somehow for organic sculpting, I still prefer Zbrush due to its fluidity, it just feels natural. However, for Hardsurface it blows my mind. The cut tool works exceptionally well and clean cuts, is very intuitive to use. It is so easy to add details and create new ones just blew my mind. I am not a hardsurface Artist at all, this definitely will make me wanna start hardsurfacing sculpting. Been checking these videos for hardsurface:
  12. Hi AbnRanger, Thank you for sharing this video and all your help really. You have been very helpful and I really appreciated. I'm going to try and do more and see what I can come up with. Cheers mate, again thank you very much for all the help and your patience.
  13. Hi AbnRanger, Thank you so much for all the help and sculpt layer will sure be useful no doubt. However, for the last hour I've been pulling my hairs.......... I'm back from work and first thing was to try and replicate what you told me. It's not working. OMG what is wrong here..... I don't seem to get around this. For many years, my workflow has been the same: 1. Start with a quad mesh bust. 2. UVMaster or Unfold3D for UVs 3. Import and start sculpting right away. Some of my works: http://cgi.ink So far, with all your helps, I can now at least do the basics 123 steps inside 3DC. Just a quick question though, anyway the mesh only shows quads in Sculpt Room?
  14. Hi AbnRanger, Thank you for your help, that worked. Thank you for explaining the "preview object" concept. 3DC sure has its way of working. Thank you