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  1. lvmadhatter

    Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    Thanks JackMcRip......I downloaded the AppLink for C4D R17 and followed your statements.....brings is into 3D Coat now.....can't get it to bring it back into C4D, but I can just export both the obj and texture to another folder....then bring it back into C4D....so, good enough for now! Thanks again....
  2. lvmadhatter


    More excellent work!
  3. lvmadhatter

    Color IDs 2

  4. lvmadhatter


    Great bit of work mate......inovative indeed!
  5. lvmadhatter

    Tiger Mechs

    Wow.....excellent work man!
  6. lvmadhatter

    the Fall

    Great work man....I am still doing most of my basic modeling in either C4D or max, then importing the obj into 3d coat for all texturing.....there is nothing better for textures, I think! Any sculpting I do in strictly 3D Coat, never liked Zbrush at all. You are doing some great work there Wojtek!
  7. lvmadhatter

    Free PBR Smart Materials 2016

    Thanks a lot Riddell.....great stuff indeed!
  8. lvmadhatter

    Suicide Squad Joker

    Excellent work artofcharly ......!
  9. lvmadhatter

    sci-fi cityscape

    Nice work indeed!
  10. lvmadhatter


    Very nice indeed!
  11. lvmadhatter

    Lowride Custom Made Tattoo Machine

    Excellent work man!