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  1. vertigo262

    On board Keyboard loses focus on text input

    Oddly enough, while it's been doing this on multiple computers, It seemed to be fine the other day. So I'm not sure what's going on. Something I'm going to pay attention to very closely
  2. Is there any work around for this, or a setting that can fix this issue? I am trying to use an On board Keyboard Instead of a physical keyboard, but when I go to type something on the on board keyboard, 3D Coat losses focus and you can't use the on board keyboard
  3. Just decided to do a Necron 99 from the Movie 1972 Wizards, which is where my family started in on me with their anger and rage spewing to the world their fiction with their psychology degrees. That I am crazy and conform to media. This is where they first started in on me as a young child. Aside from this, Great Movie for it's time. Enjoyed doing this one Created with Houdini 17.5, 3D Coat, Rendered with RedShift
  4. vertigo262

    Fly Me To The Moon

    CUZ! I like ta play the Piano! That is all! :)~
  5. vertigo262

    Sureno House

    High Resolution Downloadable and Zoomable image for those who know how to read: http://www.kevinperelmanphotography.com/Gallery/Large/Sureno House Final Compressed.jpg WordPress: https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2018/09/20/6845/ Sureno House – Political Artwork Based On My Life While most of my art is fun in nature. This is the first Political Artwork I have done that has 90% truth to what has been done to my life to remove me from society Political Artwork based on the Horrific Government agenda against me since childhood to remove me from society based on their labels and beliefs, with abuse of power, and violating the Constitution of the united state to accomplish my EXTERMINATION by fear mongering the masses worldwide in the largest historical crime against one man in history as we know it with the excuse “His kind cannot exist” BEWARE: The judicial System will try to use the ART against me saying I am disturbed and crazy in what they have always done to my life My World Wide Targeting info http://www.KevinPerelmanTarget.com http://www.kevinperelmantargetsimplified.com http://www.twitter.com/KPTarget http://KevinPerelmanTarget.WordPress.com http://www.facebook.com/KevinPerelmanTarget http://www.starbucksdiscrimination.com http://www.coffeebeandiscrimination.com http://www.modelmayhemstalkskevinperelman.com For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking's to me: http://www.kevinperelmantarget.com/RawDataView
  6. vertigo262

    Was Curious - 3D Coat 4.8.20 !

    Says "New Release" I don't see any features in this new release for sale? What are the new features ?
  7. vertigo262

    Houdini Applinker

    Hi, I have never used the Applink before. While trying it out today on Houdini 16.5.439 I get this error Also, on the download section the Youtube link no longer exists I checked all the folder perms and even made a simple folder in a new directory. That does not seem to be the problem
  8. vertigo262

    Houdini Applink Issues

    Hi, I have never used the Applink before. While trying it out today on Houdini 16.5.439 I get this error Also, on the download section the Youtube link no longer exists I checked all the folder perms and even made a simple folder in a new directory. That does not seem to be the problem
  9. vertigo262

    Feature Idear!

    The ability to blend edges of a texture to make it tillable instead of having to do it manually in third party software before adding it to a smart material for painting You'd be stupid not to implement it! Because I said so!
  10. vertigo262

    Undo and Redo Button

    Hi, This is going to sound a little silly. specially wit the, it's the little things nut jobs out there. But it's not when your using a pen tablet and no physical keyboard Is there a way to add a Undo and Redo button on the top bar like a lot of drawing programs? Right now, you have to select Edit/Undo or the Keyboard shortcut. But when their is no physical keyboard you have to go through multiple steps to press ctrl-Z or edit/Undo So if there is a way to customize the interface to add undo/redo buttons, that would be helpul
  11. Just having some fun with the concept of love! 3D Coat, Houdini 16.5, Redshift GPU renderer
  12. Modeled in 3D Coat, Scene created in Houdini 16 Rendered using Redshift GPU renderer Having a little fun, and doing something a little more interesting to get your thought juices flowing!
  13. vertigo262

    Painting with transparency change or issue

    Yes BRO !!! tried multiple versions up to the latest versions !! on multiple computers, bro
  14. Since version 4.7.06 I think there was some kind of change or could be a glitch but probably not because I have the same problem with every newer version. When I select a smart material to paint with. For example, Dirt with 2.4 degree in shadow. The older version would paint with transparancy to create dirt or dust. In the newer versions, transparency is not working as it just paints over the existing paint without transparency. The opacity itself works, but nothing with the degree of transparency. I messed around for a while changing things like paint brush to airbrush and sometimes it worked and sometimes not. Then I couldn't get it working again. I am assuming their is a new feature I need to use, but I am not sure what is going on or if it's a bug in the code. Wondering if anyone knows what is going on, or if I am doing something wrong. If I load up 4.7.06 it works like it did before
  15. vertigo262

    Using a Shape spline as a curve spline

    Thanx...!! helpful but not helpful Would be nice if 5 supported realtime GI in the Sculpt room as well. So that their is less rendering to see what it looks like. Is there anywhere that lists what will be in Ver 5 on this site?