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    [Solved] Hey all! A quick question...

    OK sorry my bad this was a Unity problem not a 3DC one... In game and looking great now
  2. Chris B

    [Solved] Hey all! A quick question...

    Still having major headaches getting objects from 3D coat to work right in Unity. Ignoring scaling issues for the moment check out the attached image. That's the same object in 3D Coat and in Unity after exporting. I've done what I believe is the correct procedure exported all the textures, including normal and height maps with the 3D Coat Unity 5 export preset and loaded them into the material for the mesh in Unity. I know Unity's 3D engine isn't the greatest but it's not that bad! I don't know how anyone ever gets any work done in the 3D graphics industry I've yet to export 1 single thing from one product to another product without any issues.
  3. Chris B

    [Solved] Hey all! A quick question...

    Hi thanks for fast reply. I'm using the 3D Coat Unity plugin so the model is bundled in a .3b file with the textures. Can I reimport the mesh at a different scale to 3D Coat and keep all the layers I have made for it? I'd like to do a bit more work on it before I use it in game.
  4. Hi guys I'm working on a little hobby space game project in Unity. I've been trying out some 3D painting softwares to paint models and so far I'm liking 3D Coat the most, it seems like a real powerhouse! I have a quick question if someone can help. I've been painting this low poly model imported from Blender (as you can tell I'm not great artist... more of a programmer hehe). Problem is I've discovered the scale is wrong - I must have exported it wrong from Blender as it's like 100 times the correct size. This ship is actually 1.5km long when it should be 15m! I can't find a simple way to scale it down to 1% in 3D coat but surely there must be a way without me having to start from scratch? I know I can change the scale in Unity but that can cause me problems when I start attaching weapons to it etc. Anyway great software, I look forward to discovering what I can do with it. The price is very reasonable too compared to other software out there!