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  1. nobackup

    [Request] faster smoothing for the pose tool

    I've tried, but like I said it's still pretty slow even with very low res objects. Also having to do that every time is a pain. Yeah, I pretty much agree with all of this - spot on.
  2. nobackup

    [Request] faster smoothing for the pose tool

    yeah point taken - i do avoid it, but it would be nice if it just worked. Sometimes you want to just draw out a selection and smooth it quickly. edit* also the cylinder in the video is pretty light (37K), and it still takes a ton of clicks to smooth it even a bit.
  3. i tend to use paint select and the pose tool a lot when modelling, but I find the 'smooth selection' tool unbearably slow. I wish there was a way to make much stronger smoothing more quickly. I feel spoiled by the masking/selecting tools in zbrush - I wish 3d coats' were just as quick and intuitive. Please consider some development on this front. Thanks. 2020-05-25_12h00_44.avi
  4. nobackup

    [Bug] volume fog ?

    The render settings for volume fog don't seem to do anything. Is there a trick to get it working?
  5. nobackup

    Bug: lasso tools not showing up

    HI Carlosan, it seems to happen at random. I realized I had the same problem a while ago, so I will try the floating window fix as well:
  6. nobackup

    [Solved] what happened to duplicate sub-tree ?

    yep, that works! thanks!
  7. nobackup

    Bug: lasso tools not showing up

    Hi Carlosan, yep everything up to date.
  8. nobackup

    [Solved] Split help

    If it's voxels just use the 'Split' command.
  9. nobackup

    Bug: lasso tools not showing up

    this bug has been in the software for years now, I wish it would get squished. What happens is after a while of working the lasso and polygonal lasso tools simple stop working. You can no longer draw the selection lines with them. This can be 'fixed' by deleting your tool presets folder, which then restores the functionality, but I shouldn't have to do this every couple hours. Please fix!
  10. Using 4.39. When you duplicate an object in the sculpt-tree, it's sub-tree of objects no longer gets duplicated. Why? Is this a separate command somewhere now?
  11. nobackup

    Shortcut problem (returns to previous tool selected)

    november 2019 and this bug is still here. Version 4.9.07 - Please fix!
  12. nobackup

    import multiple OBJs?

    hey Carlosan, yes OBJ format....from zbrush. I'll keep experimenting.
  13. nobackup

    import multiple OBJs?

    thanks for the tip. I've tried this and the meshes do look a little better but still have lots of errors. Importing one at a time works well however. Looks like it is bugged for now - version 4.905
  14. nobackup

    import multiple OBJs?

    Whenever I use the 'import multiple objects' command (for example with a character from zbrush), the results are extremely low-poly....like just a few triangles show up. It seems like the layers it creates don't have enough resolution, but I don't know how to solve this. If I import the objects one at a time, it's fine, but I have a lot of pieces and would like to do it in one go. Am I missing something?
  15. nobackup

    [Solved] Curves Menu nor showing up ?

    thanks! I thought I was going crazy.