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  1. Is there a way to turn off these axis around the cursor? They appear when I hold ALT to navigate. Sometimes when working on a small object they can appear pretty large.
  2. Thanks Andrew, I've been using .61 so far without issue. If it crops up again I'll let you know.
  3. having massive issues with the move tool in .59 After a while strange things start happening...hole in the mesh, etc...see the attached video. This is just tapping the mesh with the move tool. The mesh is pretty simple as well, just a 100K base head, nothing crazy. Please take a look at this ASAP, in the meantime I will downgrade. 2021-10-12_21h18_15.mp4
  4. I feel like I must be doing something wrong then.... here's a video of me mashing the smooth selection button in .55. Am I missing something? 2021-09-26_10h36_21.mp4
  5. I would love to see the ability to add basic bones/weighting to pose your models. Using the pose tool is slow and cumbersome so I usually just export to Blender If I need to pose something....but it would be great to be able to just stay in 3dCoat. Thanks for considering.
  6. The smooth function using the Pose tool is basically useless with a dense mesh...it smooths so slowly it might as well not even be happening. Compare the way zbrush lets you smooth and sharpen masks so quickly and it's night and day. Working with low-res geo is not too bad, but it needs to retain it's speed and power with high res meshes. It would make posing your models much more fluid and intuitive. Thanks for considering.
  7. yeah this is a really good way to describe it. Using the pose tool to this is so slow.
  8. Can we get the ability to select multiple thing in the sculptree and parent them at the same time? It is super frustrating to have to go through one by one, parenting things if you need to change your hierarchy. You should just be able to shift select a bunch of layers, and then drag them to a new parent layer. Currently you can shift select several layers, but when you go to parent them it only does the first layer. Little usability things like this make all the difference!
  9. .30 - Blob CTRL action is bugged, often it just doesn't work. Also it's behaviour is very unpredictable as to how far it cuts. It would be better if it CTRL action just acted like the cut off tool.
  10. Yes, this happens with render settings as well....reflections/resolution etc all get reset.
  11. I keep getting these weird render errors...they look like strong shadows, but there is nothing that would be causing it. Bringing the file back to .79 renders it fine. It happens on many different files.
  12. just wanted to say great work on the new muscle/tube tool, it is amazing. Being able to use alphas is a real game changer.
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