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  1. when using the cut off tool I notice in .50 you can no longer double click or press enter to complete the operation...you need to go all the way around and wait until the little green circle appears. This was not the case in previous versions - can we get this behaviour back? 2022-11-18_20h07_29.mp4
  2. it happens with all materials - no depth. I'm still figuring out how to paint on things, this is just straight from the sculpt room. however the voxel resolution is 3 million so shouldn't it looks crisper? Or do I need to retopo, UV and then paint?
  3. why does the material preview window show the material correctly, but the depth appears missing in the viewport? Depth slider is at 100% and depth channel is active.
  4. also, fun twist - using the tool inversely will crash 3d coat. I've tried going back to earlier versions, but the problem persists. Next I'll try deleting my preferences and see if that helps.
  5. thanks for the suggestions. I tried the build tool and it performs as expected....but airbrush still seems to display a pattern. turning a stencil on you can still see the pattern, so it's not the stencil. For now I'll use the build tool. 2022-10-05_17h32_26.mp4
  6. using the airbrush now always leaves these nasty grid-like artifacts. It doesn't matter what alpha is being used. Using .48 2022-10-04_18h07_27.mp4
  7. as the title says I can't ope the tool preset panel. When selected from the menu it does nothing. Resetting panels to the default location does not help. Using .45 Edit: nevermind I think I figured it out. Presets is what I was looking for. What is the difference between tool presets and presets?
  8. Wow really? I could have sworn it was not like this in 3dcoat v4. If it's a feature and not a bug, It would be nice to have a way to toggle this behaviour off.
  9. I understand you can use the menu to change parent. The issue is 3d coat is selecting the object underneath the cursor, not the currently selected object in the sculpt tree. This becomes a real annoyance when trying to clone objects, or parent them, or any action which requires selecting objects. You always have to be careful that your cursor is not on an unintended object or that object will be used instead. I've attached another video to try to clarify. In this example I am trying to clone the black cube. I have the black cube selected in the vox tree. the cursor is over the black cube in the viewport. I hit the hotkey and it clones fine. Then I try it again, but this time the cursor is is over the green cube in the viewport. Instead of cloning the black cube (which I have selected), it clones the green cube instead. It is acting on whatever is under the cursor in the viewport. in the second video I am using the menu to clone the black cube. Again, it is selected in the voxtree, but because my cursor is over the green cube the green cube gets cloned instead. 2022-08-31_09h43_38.mp4 2022-08-31_09h48_14.mp4
  10. hm...i renamed the 3Dcoat folder and started fresh....and the same behaviour. it still picks what's under the cursor instead of what's selected in the vox tree: Andrew, any insight you can provide? (edit: turning auto pick off and pick by click off do not solve the issue) 2022-08-30_17h34_45.mp4
  11. Was there ever any resolution to this? I seem to be experiencing the same under the cursor behaviour as outlined in this thread:
  12. this also happens when parenting objects. In this example I'm trying to parent the red ball to the blue ball. If I have my cursor over the blue ball when I hit the change parent hotkey it will not work (because I guess it is selecting whatever is under the cursor and it won't parent to itself). pick by click is off and auto pick is off. 2022-08-29_17h16_19.mp4
  13. unfortunately it still happens even if pick by click is off: 2022-08-27_09h59_32.mp4
  14. Here are a couple videos showing some strange bugs in the sculptree that have been here a while. in the the first video I am trying to clone the pink ball. I have it selected in the scupltree. However if my cursor is over the green ball and I hit my shortcut key it clones the green ball instead. in the second video I have the red ball as a parent to the pink ball. I want to merge the sub tree into one voxel layer. I have the red layer selected, and I press the hotkey to merge sub-tree. However, if my cursor in the viewport is over the green ball all that will happen is the green layer and red layer become selected. This can be worked around by making sure my cursor is never touching anything, but it really shouldn't be an issue. Please have a look at this. thanks! 2022-08-26_09h47_50.mp4 2022-08-26_09h49_56.mp4
  15. hi Andrew, here's a video showing the problem. It happens a lot when using any 'on plane' option like 2d paint. it doesn't seem to happen using the perspective camera, only the ortho (NUMPAD 5 camera). However, as I do most modelling using an ortho camera this is driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated! thanks. (edit: sorry about the audio =P) 2022-08-15_09h05_23.mp4
  16. nevermind I'm so dumb...you can just press ESC. problem solved!
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