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  1. ah, right in front me the whole time. Thanks.
  2. Is it possible to hotkey the perspective/orthographic toggle button?
  3. ah yes that did it! Thanks for pointing that out, I thought I was going crazy.
  4. For some reason I can't make the 'apply' action for my curves do anything..which means the tool is useless for now. See the attached video. Any ideas, or is this a bug? 2017-11-22_19h56_01.mp4
  5. Using 4.8.04 I've noticed the Toothpaste and Muscle brush will snap to surface no matter what. Even though 'snap to surface' is not toggled on.
  6. i uninstalled, deleted the folder, reinstalled, copied all my preferences back over, and so far the issue has not come back. drastic, but it works for now. I hope they get this bug sorted out.
  7. Hi Carlosan, yes, it happens with any scene - it starts off fine, then usually manifests within 5 - 10 minutes. I deleted my options.xml, but it it seemed to have no effect. I will try a clean install next and see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. i tried the latest version and am still experiencing this issue.
  9. There's a bug with the scrape brush in voxel mode - it often makes the cursor jump around randomly onto other object in your scene, like it's not sure what layer you have selected. It's really annoying and makes the tool unusable when it happens. ( see attached video clip and what happens when i switch to scrap from move) Anyone encounter this? 2017-10-09_17h02_16.mp4
  10. thanks for the reply Carlosan. Tapping the key to change tool is my working method, but that doesn't work. I know it should work, but it doesn't. That's what I was trying to describe....a tap to change the key doesn't work, only holding down the key to go to 'sticky' mode will work. For example, if I am using the move tool and want to tap 'w' for my pose tool, it simply won't work. I need to hold the W key to use the pose tool, or select it by pressing the menu button. That's why I was asking if there was a way to just disable the sticky key functionality.
  11. any solution to this yet? I get the same problem, using 4.081. I dont have the 3DC_brushes pack,
  12. Sticky keys seems really buggy. Often I will just tap a key to switch tools and 3d coat thinks I have activated sticky keys and it just reverts back to my last tool. If I hold the button down, sticky mode works as intended, but it activates all the time when it shouldn't. I wish I could just turn this 'feature' off, it is very annoying. Is there a way to disable the sticky key feature, at least until the bugs are ironed out? edit: after some forum searching I found this thread which describes the problem exactly. However the solution is still unclear...uninstall and reinstall cleanly I guess?
  13. bump - any update on a 4r7 64 bit version? This would be extremely useful!
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