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  1. Bummer, my screen itself is a pressure sensitive drawing tablet. Is there any other way?
  2. I have a laptop and impossible to use a middle mouse button as I don't have one. Blender 3d has an "emulate 3 button mouse" feature for laptop users in it's preferences, but I can't seem to find an equivalent feature in 3dcoat. It's honestly slowing down my workflow by a bit.
  3. I'm having this issue as well(as I run a surface driver on a Samsung Notebook pro 9). This happens in any room within the program ever since the 4.8 upgrade.
  4. Okay, thank you for giving me your time. And thank you for giving me your time as well Carlosan.
  5. It seems that was the exact problem. I was indeed painting on the sculpt mesh, how would one go about correcting this issue?
  6. No I still can't see anything after doing that. Also,sure I can, how would one share a project?
  7. No I didn't bake the model and yes, I can see it in the paint room, I even painted on it. However, it still doesn't show up in the tweak room. In fact, even if I start a new project with a regular sphere, or anything else for that matter, it still doesn't show up in the tweak room. How odd...I thank you for your assistance so far though, it's really appreciated.
  8. The model isn't imported, it was made straight in 3dcoat. Maybe I got some terminology mixed up, sorry.
  9. I'm having some trouble with the tweak room, everytime I click on it, my model is invisible. If I hover my cursor over it, it's still there, but I can't see anything. I haven't seen anything about this online either.
  10. Thanks AbnRanger, that little tip just saved me a TON of time on my little first-time project.
  11. Hello, I'm new to 3Dcoat and was just wondering something about the free form primitives. Is there a quick way to select multiple points, or edges, on the lattice?
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