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  1. vzyadik

    my steam cars

    Thank you!
  2. vzyadik

    my steam cars

    Greetings. Thanks for the comment. I will try to correct the settings. Just have to wait a very long time rendering performance. Приветствую. Спасибо за комментарий. Буду пытаться исправлять настройки. Просто очень долго приходится ждать выполнения рендера.
  3. vzyadik

    my steam cars

    Hey. Pre-render. Will turn the camera settings.
  4. vzyadik

    my steam cars

    Hello! I present to you my version of the car steampunk. The model is made in Blender and export this in 3D-Coat for prettification. Inspiration was looking for in the first steam cars and locomotives. Google translation.