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    Texture Woes

    Hello, I recently purchased 3D Coat and started my first personal test project. I opened up the software and created a model in the sculpt room, then brought it into Paint Room and painted it. At this point, I tried to save out the object with all the aesthetic data and started to run into problems. 1) Tutorials show that when you go to Export objects and textures, it is supposed to give you a popup menu of the types of maps you want to save. This pop up doesn't appear. It only allows me to save the geometry as an obj, fbx, etc. 2) So, I go to Texture drop down and try to save everything manually one channel at a time. All the tga files come out black. Any insight to fixing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. seengh

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello! My name is Saad, located in North Carolina. Links: https://www.behance.net/emrgnce_ | http://emrgnce.tumblr.com/ | https://www.instagram.com/emrgnce_/ Experience: 5+ years with After Effects, 1 year with Cinema4D (3D stuff in general). I just purchased 3DCoat a week or so ago -- definitely looking forward to learning it well.