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  1. Hi guys, don´t know what is wrong, but when I´m trying to export my layered geometry, 3D-Coat is merging some of my layers. It´s happening just when I´m exporting with textures, I tried to export it from the Retopo room, and it was absolutely OK, so it seems that it must be something in Paint room / UV room. I´m attaching screens from Coat and Cinema, so you can see how some of my layers have been merged...
  2. Vykoukal

    Posing a high-poly hardsurface character

    Thank you ajz3d, yeah I read your topic I was just curious if it haven´t been changed lately. I will probably retopo it completely symmetricaly and pose after in Cinema4D...
  3. Vykoukal

    Posing a high-poly hardsurface character

    Thank you ajz3d very much. I have just one more question, is there a possibility in 3D-Coat to instance retopologized mesh? I mean, I don´t have it 100% symmetrical in the way of posing, so I can´t use symmetry tool for that, but those pieces (legs, arms...) are mirrored instances. Is there some way to have my retopo mesh instanced as well? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello guys, I´m currently finishing this mech character and I have a question about my next workflow. Sculpting is 99% done and I would like to paint more details as a normal map, add materials and pose character to some different position. What is the best approach to do that? Is it better to pose character first and paint details after? Will symmetry work this way? Or paint details and pose it after that? Thank you for opinions! Jakub
  5. Vykoukal

    Baked normal maps - jagged and low-res

    Awesome! I´m definitely going to try those, really thank you a lot Carlosan!
  6. Vykoukal

    Baked normal maps - jagged and low-res

    Hi Carlosan! I somehow figured it out I´ve made cleaner UV cuts and subdivided the texture if I´m expressing myself correctly But another problem appeared in Cinema 4D, as you can see, normal map is working really badly, I´m trying both native and Corona renderers and materials, but both are bad. Do you have any ideas what should i fix there? I think color is exported correctly, but normal map is somehow weird... Thank you!
  7. Vykoukal

    Baked normal maps - jagged and low-res

    Pictures - 1. Scultp 2. retopo wtih UV unwrapping 3. + 4. Paint room details
  8. Hello guys, I´m currently trying to retopo my model and bake normals on it, but when I finish baking (on 4096 resolution) the texture is still jagged and there is a lot of unclear parts... My workflow was modeling basics in voxel mode - adding details in surface mode - autopo - UV mapping (auto-mapping) - baking normal texture. I´ve read that there can be an issue with auto UV mapping, since it´s creating pretty messy UV´s, but I have got really dense mesh so doing this manually would take a lot of time... I´m attaching even one screenshot from paint room, I´ve tried to paint some bump details, but even those are pretty low-res... Could you help me out of this please? I need to put this into Cinema 4D after and into complex scene, which is very hardware-heavy without retopo... Thank you very much in advance!
  9. Vykoukal

    Mesh Resolution vs Paint Room

    Awesome Carlosan, thank you very much for answer, will dig more into tutorials
  10. Hello guys, still experimenting a lot with 3D-Coat and I'm loving it more and more. Currently I've hit a difficulty about resolution of my mesh. The thing is I don't really know how to achieve some nice, clean and sharp edges on my models. I mean, I can use some really heavy numbers of voxels, that way I can achieve pretty good results, but after that it's almost impossible to load it to Paint Room for texturing. Is there any solution? I'm attaching quick render of my first modeling attempt so you can see how jagged edges I have. I have this issue even with texturing in Paint Room, I chose 2048px textures and they are still really blurry and pixelated. Every advise counts, cause I'm really desperate. Thank you!
  11. Vykoukal

    3D Coat in Concept art - exporting and rendering

    Hi Carlosan, thank you for response. Is there any solution now? Like any standalone render engine which could handle this? Or even any other 3D program + render? So far I tried to put all elements in Modo, but it is not really capable of working with this dense models...
  12. Hello guys! I'm using 3D-Coat mainly for concept art and it feels really natural for me to work with. But I would need some advices from you guys. I'm usually creating large complex scenes with average level of details, then overpainting and detailing more in Photoshop. But I found almost impossible to export this detailed objects from 3D-Coat and trying to compose and render them since they are pretty polygon heavy. So is there any solution for rendering for instance a whole street of medieval town, with moderate level of details, some characters, etc.? I know that keyshot is capable of doing that, but I need some render engine where I would be able to set different types of light, hdri environment, maybe some fog, etc. Ideally to build whole scene with textures and paintings in 3D-Coat and than export it to some render engine or even render it somehow in 3D-Coat. Thank you very much in advance. Every advice is very appreciated