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  1. Furya

    texture pixalated when I Zoom

    No the final texture is 4096*4096 but when i texture it i use several texture up to 2046 *2046
  2. Salut Je fais actuellement de grands terrains pour un jeu 3d mais j'ai du mal a les peindre correctement sous 3d coat. Je travaille en 4096*4096 et pourtant les textures du terrains sont pixélisé quand on s'approche. C'est très moche. Donc je vous demande quel est la bonne méthode pour peindre des terrains correctement svp ? A+
  3. Furya

    texture pixalated when I Zoom

    Hi, it is the only solution ?
  4. Hi, I actually make terrain in Maya for a video game based upon dungeons & dragons but i have trouble to texture it on 3D Coat. I work in 4096*4096 with texture up to 2046 but when i zoom on my terrain texture are ugly and pixelated. They don't appear to be like in smart material. So i ask you what is the good method to paint big model like terrains ? sorry for my english ^^
  5. Furya

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi, i'm infographist and programmer. I'm french so sorry for my english. I actually use 3d coat to make monsters & terrains for a video game based upon Dungeons & Dragons.