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  1. I'm trying to automate Decimate to retopo but if the user selects a polycount larger than 50k, a dialogue appears that I can't seem to skip without skipping the decimation slider dialog. is there a way to get the SetModalDialogCallback to effect this dialog? This is the modal dialog I want to keep: this is the one I want to skip if it comes up: these are the commands I'd using. The scripting documentation doesn't mention this sub modal dialog. any pointers on how to skip it would be appreciated. // SetModalDialogCallback("ModalDialogCallbackOverDecimation"); cmd("$DecimateToRetopo"); // RemoveModalDialogCallbacks(); fyi: Honestly I'd rather skip both of these dialogs and use a custom window with a numeric entry field to specify a target polycount, but when I did this, it only works on low poly vox layers. when the incoming mesh count is too high, the ReductionPercent slider float precision is too low and it fails out. void ModalDialogCallbackDecimateToTargetPolyCount(){ if(TargetReductionPercent<99.999) { SetSliderValue("$DecimationParams::ReductionPercent",TargetReductionPercent); }else { SetSliderValue("$DecimationParams::ReductionPercent",99.9); } cmd("$DialogButton#1");/*press Ok*/ } void ModalDialogCallbackSaveSession(){ cmd("$DialogButton#1");/*press Ok*/ }
  2. visual fidelity works best at this size with all the default settings. would love a "unitize" command that could fit the vox layer to this size and resample to world space.
  3. I believe I use metallic/roughness for everything.
  4. Hello, I am tuning up my one-click automeshing script for release and I'm looking for a way to scale a Vox layer to fixed size. all of my operations are based on the object being scaled into the right range so that the bake distances etc are all perfect. I usually do this by hand so that my vox layers are about .5 the height of the +Y axis. larger and I run out of memory, smaller and I lose details. is there a command to "unitize" the uniform scale into this ideal range? if I could query the world space dimensions of a vox layers bounds I could calculate it, but I'm having a hard time finding a way to do that. anyone hit this before? Andrew?
  5. Thought I'd share this export preset for those working with Unity HDRP looks like this in 3Dcoat connects to this in Unity. note, 3D coat doesn't support detail maps and detail masking so I left that channel black in the Mask Map. -b to install it. download the "Unity (HDRP).xml" somewhere. and copy it to: "%UserProfile%\Documents\3D-CoatV49\Temp\ExportPresets\" (the dos command is:) xcopy *.xml "%UserProfile%\Documents\3D-CoatV49\Temp\ExportPresets\" /Y Unity (HDRP).xml
  6. Greets all, I decided to share some of what I use when I’m automeshing in 3DCoat. https://gumroad.com/spiraloid
  7. according to the doc, this should work. it doesn't. anyone know why? void main(){ SetModalDialogCallback("PressNext"); cmd("$Quadrangulate"); } void PressNext(){ cmd("$DialogButton#1"); }
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