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  1. Hello team, I am experience some baking issues, specially with curvature (see images). On version 4.9.02/4.9.05 this issue is not present. On version 4.9.53+ the issue is very much present. (same object used - default options) Back in May I have also reported Ngons issues when importing a mesh, the issue is still present in the latest versions. (Releases were working well). Kind Regards, Cesar
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    Space Shuttle Ceramic Panels - Smart Material
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    [Fixed] NGons Issue when importing

    Hello Carlosan, I have installed the new version 4.9.41, is still present. Kind Regards, CG
  4. Hello team, After installing the new version 4937 I'm having some importing issues with NGons that were not present in version 4905. (See pics), I have checked all importing options in both versions and I can't seem to be able to fix it. Thank you for assistance. CG