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  1. heimlich

    [Solved] Restore UV command not working via script

    Thanks for your help on that. I didnt know you can use it that way... That works... for the record, i had tried to use cmd("$RestoreUV");
  2. could you check, when i call the RestoreUV command via script, nothing happens, however if i manually click it, it works fine.
  3. heimlich

    Universaly "Applink" opensource

    I finished the 3DCoat implementation today.. its available on the Github Repo.. https://heimlich1024.github.io/OD_CopyPasteExternal/ Enjoy guys.. Oliver
  4. heimlich

    cmd("$SaveToObjFile") not working

    emailed it to support.. thanks.
  5. i am trying to just export the active object to a disk without popup,etc... so i am doing: string FileName = "C:/Users/Oliver/Documents/3D-CoatV47/Scripts/2.obj" SetFileForFileDialogs(FileName); SetModalDialogCallback("ModalDialogCallbackOk"); cmd("$SaveToObjFile"); however.. nothing happens... if instead of $saveToObjFile i use "$ExportObjects" i get a requester, but i cannot set the filename and its options and close it automatically. i simply want to export whats loaded as an obj.. any ideas ? Thanks