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  1. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
  2. Yeah it has some issues that model, its not mine but wanted to try some quick tests in 3d coat and another mesh were loading it with lots of issues. Only when i tried other packages that all seemed to deal with those problems that i was a bit concerned with 3d coats handling.
  3. no probs, Thanks.
  4. Sorry, didnt have notify on. v4.9.49 (latest beta) I tried an obj that i exported in from blender, but still had the same issues. I`ll PM you the model. Thanks
  5. pr1970

    Normal map brush stamps

    ah ha, thanks. Weird i`m getting mixed results. The initial ones i tried didnt convert to depth. But i`ve now found others that are working ok. I think it doesnt like 8 bit png`s
  6. pr1970

    Normal map brush stamps

    Thanks , but i think this should be an option to allow normal maps to be used. I have a library of hundreds of normal maps which would be nice to be able to import into 3d coat without converting them. Like substance painter does https://docs.substance3d.com/spdoc/normal-map-painting-109608964.html
  7. pr1970

    Normal map brush stamps

    Anyone managed to get normal maps to import as a brush? It imports it but doesnt recognise its a normal map, just adds the colour and then ignores any height information. Or am i doing something wrong. I do this in substance painter, but doesnt seem to be a setting to allow it in 3d coat?
  8. Thanks but no difference. I tried triangulation and merging vertices before saving as 2014 fbx. I tried a range of software, only packages with issues are knald and 3d coat. The rest just worked with the original, there are some n-gons in there but like i say , even clearing them up i couldnt get it to load properly in 3d coat.
  9. Hi All, Noticing that this fbx i`m trying to import is having alot of issues. It doesnt have decent uv`s so its doing an auto-map on import. But it just doesnt understand the face normals. I tried the same object in Maya, blender and cinema 4d without any issues. But 3d coat just fills it with holes. Tried all combinations of settings, weld vertices, invert normals, lock normals,etc but nothing works. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. pr1970

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Additional Quixel folder question... I have a quixel folder that has folders with the unpacked textures, but it looks like because there is no .zip file 3d coat isnt recognising them. With quixel mixer when you download materials it automatically creates folders and discards the zip. Is there anyway to automatically import to 3d coat with just the folder??
  11. Hi Sorry, havent got back to you before. Thing is the 3dcoats data is all on my c:\user\***\documents not in a onedrive folder. There are some textures on layers that the project i saved that were on onedrive, including the .3b. In the end i used an autosave that was only about 15mins from my project save.
  12. Hey all, I save some work to my onedrive folder (.3b file) that has some attached albedo/ao textures in the paint layers. This morning I go to continue my work and i get this error. I`ve tried copying the .3b to another directory outside onedrive directory. checked hard drive has 20gb free Quitting one drive Disabling anti-virus. Checking texture files it uses arent read only. This is in 4.9.39 version. Also you cant get out of it, clicking ok just doesnt do anything. I have to remove the task from task manager. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. pr1970

    Maya appLink

    Trying to set it up, the tutorial video looks like it was made 10 years ago and is all old interfaces. I`m having issues with maya opening up multiple 3d coats, also no idea of which export settings from 3d coat should be used, i`m missing gloss/metalness when it does go back to maya. The docs say you should have mental ray plugin enabled, but this has been removed since Maya 2018. Would be nice to get some Maya/3d coat applink love in 2020.
  14. pr1970

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Noticing in v4.9.28 , in paint. If you freeze some polygons, then invert and then hide frozen polygons it hides some unfrozen polygons.
  15. pr1970

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Great, thanks