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  1. pr1970

    Black noise on object problem

    Six years later still having this issue with 4.9.71 !
  2. pr1970

    Sculpt outside object boundary

    Yes deleted it. but the same. tried saving and restarting aswell.
  3. pr1970

    Sculpt outside object boundary

    Thanks, This one? I tried but didnt make any effect.
  4. Hi All, I could have sworn there was a way to use a brush outside the boundary of an object? Is there a way? thanks
  5. Hi , Thanks for the suggestions but still not working i`m afraid. Heres a screengrab from what i did and i cleared the read only flag for both directories (program and data). All that happens is 3d coat runs and all my data is cleared back to default.
  6. I`ve tried 4.9.57, 4.9.65 and 4.9.67 No anti virus on . Think its broken.
  7. Hey No I`m just trying to write to a directory called 3dcoat , its in the root of my D: drive. but tried inside other directories. Could it be the original directory is called "3D-CoatV49" , is the character - causing it to not write?
  8. Hey all, Any idea why i cant relocate 3d coats data. i`ve tried everything, different drives, security options on the new directory, manually adding directory,etc Just says the selected path is not writeable each time. Have latest 4.9.67. Thanks
  9. pr1970

    Blender Applink

    I did seem to get an error if i renamed the default one when sending an asset to 3d coat, saying it couldnt find it. So i kept the folder the same name and just didnt enable it.
  10. pr1970

    Blender Applink

    Thanks, that worked. I had to do a blender repair (reinstall) and then i left the default one unchecked in preferences and installed the latest version from the zip.
  11. pr1970

    Blender Applink

    Hi, Just installed applink for the first time. I was stumped for about half an hour trying to get it to work due to it not finding the exchange folder and then not linking with 3d coat , and visa versa. And then found this mention. It fixed sending to 3d coat but when i try and GetBack in blender (2.9) I`m getting an error. Thanks
  12. pr1970

    Out of memory saving obj (64gb ram)

    Hi, Actually, just use the standard human model that comes with 3d coat and increase the density a few times up to 50m+ and it crashes saving to obj.
  13. pr1970

    Out of memory saving obj (64gb ram)

    Thanks but still the same, exported the 3b to another drive. Imported it in. Exported select and also tried scene as obj. out of memory error.
  14. pr1970

    Out of memory saving obj (64gb ram)

    Hi, Just tried the latest best 4.9.59 exporting an obj to another drive as suggested by digman, but still the same error with export scene , it works with some selected objects upto about 30m triangles, but when i tried selecting a few more objects at 45m then it would crash. thanks
  15. Hi I`m trying to export a 61m triangle obj file but keep getting this. I have 64gb ram and 3d coat is only using 15gb. Using 4.9.57 GL. Thanks