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  1. Mack

    Sketchbook Journey

    BioForm 1232018.Lunch time doodling.
  2. Mack

    Sketchbook Journey

    Bio-form 11282018.
  3. Mack

    Sketchbook Journey

    R.O.E.P.E.R. Remote Operated Exo-Planet Engineer Robot A robot body remotely controlled by a human driver used for Terra forming projects.
  4. Mack

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    Thanks for the step break down Carlosan. Yeah my texturing knowledge is pretty basic especially in 3dcoat. I do a lot of texturing in photoshop.
  5. Mack

    Sketchbook Journey

    Caterpillar Atlas Rig
  6. Mack

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    Still no luck with the export menu. Weird. Will the try vid gbball. Thanks for your help.
  7. Mack

    Sketchbook Journey

    Heavy Industries Construction Bot
  8. Mack

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    gbball- thanks for the help. I would love to do what starts at the 22:10 mark on the video tutorial. An why do I not have that advanced export option?
  9. Mack

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    gbball- thanks for the info. When I go exports in the paint room I only get the option to save the file. No advanced options. You know of any vid tutorial's on how to do that? I am a total noob with textures/painting in 3dcoat. I have always done my texturing in keyshot. Carlosan thanks. Does that mean that menu does not exist in 4.8.18?
  10. Mack

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    Using version 4.8.18
  11. Mack

    3DCoat to Keyshot 5.0

    How do I get to that menu?