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  1. Thanks Sprayer. but I still haven't got the desired result. Unfortunately, the materials, especially the metallic material, still have a plastic effect. Unfortunately I still haven't found a perfect workflow that gives the PBR material between 3dcoat and Max Vray.
  2. Hope to write in the right section! I need to know what is the correct workflow to use in 3d coat paint room to work with 3d Max and VRay. There are different modes in the 3d coat export panel (Vray standard GGX _gamma 2.2, Vray Standard Blinn - Gamma 2.2, Vray (IOR workflow) blinn gamma 2.2, Vray (IOR workflow) GGX gamma 2.2) I can't understand what it is the way to get the best result for the materials and which of the previous methods to choose! I am very confused I searched around for tutorials but found nothing. Can anyone help me? Many many thanks!
  3. Update Applink for 3dsmax 2021 please! It's most important for don't waste the time in wrong relocation maps from 3dcoat to vray! Please.... Plase ... Please!
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