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  1. ok, looks like manual downloading and installation fixed this issue. thanks
  2. Just updated to latest available. Still can't choose HDRI maps from list. I can only add custon one to the list.
  3. Just wondering Why does this exist in mobile sculpting app but not in 3D Coat?
  4. I think it would be nice to store the stencil and its settings in view preset (ctrl+up) if the stencil is opened while saving the view. also would be nice to save the view in a stencil preset file it can be an option in settings or just a small dialog window asking every time you saving stencil or view
  5. Just want to leave this here in case developers will read this topic When I'm clicking on "show my key" in 3dcoat 4.9 help menu I'm getting this 404 page in a browser
  6. Looks like I'm getting 404 because I can't add my license in the profile section. It just can't find it. Tried both serial and e-mail.
  7. After clicking on Upgrade button I'm getting 404 page
  8. не совсем понятно что не так, но судя по скринам, косяк может быть через то, что в фотошопе есть маска на группе... в коуте масок в принципе нет... примените и растрируйте маску в фотошопе на каждом слое из группы, потом сохраняйте и смотрите в коуте
  9. I can confirm. Sort of... 1. Creating file with surface sphere, 2. Switching to Paint room, 3. Selecting Height tool Causes program to prompt save file because of unstable situation... Next getting this error window:
  10. Try to change tablet interface in 3dcoat's preferences. WinTab to TabletPC.
  11. ... yep, 4.9 uses its own folder in user documents by default, so you have to move all your custom resources to the new location. Migration master can make this task really easy.
  12. Looks like latest one is v14.7.60. My Gaomon has same numbers as well, so I can assume that they use same driver or some forks... try to find any Huion Kamvas v13 driver. Here's one for windows I just googled https://www.huiontablet.com/drivers/WinDriver/HuionTablet_WinDriver_v13.15.16.zip
  13. yep just figured out that older version of tablet driver works fine. looks like vendor's fault
  14. wasn't this issue fixed yet? having same problem on Gaomon pd1560
  15. I'd like to see this feature in 3d coat. Strange why it's not emplemented yet.
  16. So, is there way to bake light like that in 3dCoat yet?
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