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    Thank you! I appreciate the quick reply. There is a video on YouTube that shows how to copy and paste UVs from one object to another that I was trying to follow, but I can't get it to work. It's about 4 years old so I'm not sure if it changed. I'm in the tweak room and I can see the list of options across the top bar. If I click on vertices, edges, or faces, I still can't get anything selected when I click on the model. I can paint on the model in the Paint room and I can do UVs and all that in the UV room, but I can't select anything. Not sure if I'm just being dense, but it's not working for me.
  2. artbyv

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all, Finally downloaded the trial of 3D Coat after many recommendations from people for doing UVs. I'm blown away with how well it works. It reminds me of Headus, but it's a bit easier to manage. I'm just getting back to work on my portfolio and I'll be purchasing 3d Coat and adding it to my workflow. There is one weird issue I'm having where I'm unable to select geometry. Is there a special tool or something I'm missing or is this a bug? I'm exporting .OBJs from Maya 2016. Thanks!