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  1. Shift Studio

    Mesh disappearing in Retopo room.

    This problem occurs more often when I'm using the Retopo Tool 'Add Geometry/Quads'. I'm hoping someone can shed some light. --shift studio.
  2. In earlier versions I could select an edge in Retopo room then shift-LMB another edge on same loop - the adjacent edges between the first edge and second would all be selected. Not anymore - now doing as described above selects the whole loop and there doesn't seem to be a way to select a bunch of adjacent edges along a loop (except painful workarounds). Does anyone have a solution? I preferred the old way of doing this and the old way of selecting a loop of edges. Thanks in advance! --shift studio.
  3. Shift Studio

    Mesh disappearing in Retopo room.

    Hi Carlosan. I never saw your post until now. I'm using macOS 10.14.6 Its the 'GL64' version I believe. I'm unsure where I can change that. At the time of my last post it was 3D Coat version 4.9.04. Same is happening in version 4.9.34 and I'm about to try 4.9.37 This wasn't happening for the past two days I've been working on the model - then after retopo work for awhile, the screen is going crazy, flickering, loosing my model etc. It's impossible to work that way. If anyone has a solution I'd like to hear! Thanks in advance! --shift studio.
  4. Shift Studio

    Mesh disappearing in Retopo room.

    I don't have a solution for you but can confirm this infuriating situation. Hav you solved it? For me its happening in both sculpt room and retopo.
  5. Shift Studio

    How to rotate multiple objects by given angle

    thanks for the info Carlosan. Wow, that info about new workspace organisation is going to get me lost all over again... --shift studio.
  6. Shift Studio

    How to rotate multiple objects by given angle

    I would also know how to rotate a specific value in Tweak Room. Looks like there is no solution above. Thanks in advance! --shift studio.
  7. @Ascensi Thanks for this response. I haven't tried it yet - its definitely a solution I wouldn't have thought of. I've never used 'more on picked'. That applies a more on the condition you are painting over a selected colour - correct? I'll give it a try and reply. @AbnRanger Thanks for your response too. This is what I've come to understand as well. Do you mean Andrew is going to add functionality that will convert normal maps to displacement, or that he suggests the user should do that in other software? I've had limited success with this using macOS software. Thanks! --shift studio.
  8. Shift Studio

    [Solved] How to diable viewport edge camera rotation

    thanks for this! I used to have that set up - but couldn't find it again on my own today. --shift studio.
  9. Shift Studio

    [Solved] Pink Edges everywhere & Seams not working anymore?

    I'm just adding that I'm encountering these pink edges too... and they shouldn't be sharp in my case. --shift studio.
  10. Shift Studio

    [Solved] Send model from paint room to sculpt room

    Thanks for your help Carlosan. It seems I'm not going to be able to fix and modify some normal map stuff the way I'd like. Yes, I've had CrazyBump for years! Its cool. I've decided to make changes via diffuse map and create new normals using CrazyBump. So far in my testing it seems like this workflow may be okay in this case. I may be back for more - we'll see. --shift studio
  11. Shift Studio

    [Solved] Send model from paint room to sculpt room

    Hi Carlosan & Heksagon, Yup the concept is not lost on me – I understand new geometry isn't being created by a normal map. What is lost on me is why, if a normal map can be displayed to look like any other layer's depth channel, can't it be converted to a regular 3D-Coat layer's depth channel.? And if thats not possible why can't it be baked to a higher res (much denser) mesh? You can do it with displacement map. I'm seeing this is true, but surely cloning (translation) should be possible. Right? It seems like such an obvious functionality to me. I've been finding this too - I'm surprised, seems like normal maps are just a mathematical description described by colour of normal directions. Why can't an inverse be simple to go back to a bump map or height or whatever. @ Carlosan I would like to try AwesomeBump and I came across the same description as quoted above – unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a macOS version – so if I'm not going to jump through hoops I'll be out of luck there too. Has anyone experimented with AwesomeBump that can report on it's results? Thanks Again! --Shift Studio.
  12. Shift Studio

    [Solved] Send model from paint room to sculpt room

    @AbnRanger I can't get it to work. The imported normal map details aren't included the exported high-res mesh. And I think this is because the details are in the normal map and not a displacement map. Any ideas about this? Thanks, Shift Studio.
  13. Shift Studio

    [Solved] Send model from paint room to sculpt room

    Like Heksagon, I would like to be able to get imported normal map details into the sculpt room. Alternatively I'd like to edit imported normal map in the paint room. Any updates in past year? --shift studio.
  14. Shift Studio

    How to merge imported normal map with imported color map

    Hi I'm back at something similar. I'd like to convert an imported normal map to a normal/editable 3D-Coat paint layer that has (at least) a depth channel. Is it possible? And if no, why not? It seems like an obvious functionality. Thanks in advance! --Shift Studio. edit: I've changed the normal map layer to 'standard' blend and desaturated it. I can paint on it, but can't clone. Seems so strange!
  15. This technique helped me for something similar I've been trying to do. Although I set UV Set Smoothing to 'Smooth But Keep Corners' Thanks for posting it. Don't know why 'Import Object for Per Pixel Painting' sometimes Smooths but often doesn't when Initial Subdivision is selected. --Shift Studio