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  1. I've exported my model at 10x. Then made a new 3D Coat file for Per Pixel Painting. This seems to have fixed the splotchy issue! So, for now, that's the method I'm going with. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Carlosan! -- Shift Studio.
  2. Thanks Carlosan. I can use the whole UV like you suggest, I just didn't think it should matter. I don't need it to be especially efficient as these are for one-time renders. The Fixed scene scale/Measure units doesn't seem to exist in the version of 3D-Coat I'm using (2021.23). Is that feature newer? Custom navigation is broken for me in 2022 versions and I think most of the 2021 versions after 2021.23. So I don't use them unfortunately. -- Shift Studio.
  3. I'm using 3DCoat-2021-31 (my custom navigation is broken in all newer versions). This option is there in my version. Any idea where I might find it? Thanks! -- Shift Studio.
  4. I know its not packed well, but I was thinking I don't care as its going to be a 4k map Yes, I think it is small... I built in cm, but I think 3D coat thinks its mm. I'm not sure exactly how to fix... I remember something about scene scale but I can't find it. Thank you for your help Carlosan! -- Shift Studio. edit: Yes, using the Measure tool in Paint room I can confirm 3D coat is using mm instead of cm. I could export 10x before coming into 3D coat, but is there a way to work with scale in 3D coat? I know there is an "edit scene scale" function in the sculpt workspace, but I don't think its related.
  5. I UV unwrapped my model in 3D coat. When I go back into the paint room, there are dark splotches surrounding the seams. I've seen it before, but I don't recall how to fix it. Can anyone let me know what to do? Also AmbientOcclusion layer is really splotchy too. Thanks in advance for any help! -- Shift Studio.
  6. Glad do see this fixed - thanks Sergii! --Shift Studio.
  7. An update for above, with 3D-Coat 2021.65 and 3D-Coat 2022.05, macOS 12.2.1, Wacom driver 6.3.45-3, the problem is still there. Disappointing! I'm going to email support - this needs to be fixed. -- Shift Studio.
  8. I've been meaning for years to this bring up. When I get around to it, I'll contact support if its necessary. In general on macOS, the 'control' key on the keyboard + click (LMB-click or pen-click) brings up a contextual menu - the same one as a RMB-click if you have a multi-button mouse. In general on macOS, the 'command' key (⌘) is the most common modifier for shortcuts (⌘C=Copy, ⌘P=Paste, ⌘S=Save, ⌘N=New, ⌘O=Open etc.) In 3D-Coat on macOS, the control key and command key have the exact same function (I think to make the PC>Mac coding simpler?) So, in 3D-Coat, the control key + click is lost as a way to access the contextual menu. I don't use the buttons on my pen (feels too awkward). So, I have reach up and use my 2 button mouse that is only there for this reason! Also, my navigation all done with keyboard and pen click can't be set up work as I'd like for the same reason. In other applications I use 'control + option + pen click' for Pan, 'option + command + pen click' for Zoom and 'option + pen click' for Rotate. In 3D coat I can't set that up because control and option are the same thing Does anyone else find this frustrating? Any chance it will be fixed? Thanks in advance. Shift Studio.
  9. I should also mention this is on macOS 11.5.2 and my Wacom tablet is Intous Medium and driver is 6.3.44-2. -- Shift Studio.
  10. I also experienced the same in 2021.64 and 65). Being a little preoccupied with other things, I just crossed my fingers hoping that it would get fixed without contacting support. I still had an earlier version on my system (2021.23) so I've been using that. -- Shift Studio.
  11. Thanks for the answer. When you say 'LMB over (not pressing)', do you mean 'hover over'? I'm sure I'm being a little clueless, but I can not make your instructions work. Also in the tool tip for Edge Loop, if I follow those directions (not the same as yours - correct?), the whole loop is selected - not just the edges in between. I've got to say this is a convoluted process to do something simple... -- Shift Studio.
  12. This doesn't seem to be working any longer in 3D-Coat 2021. Can you confirm? Is there a new method? Thanks, Shift Studio.
  13. that appears to have solved my issues with that tool. I'll come back if not. --shift studio.
  14. Hi Sergyi - I followed your instructions and sent you the Terminal screen after the crash. Please let me know if you don't get it. Hopefully it will help. --shift studio.
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