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    Smart Materials Problem

    Hello, I'm installing some resources on 3D Coat and noticed that the smart materials available on the official resources page do not install correctly. 3D coat just creates an empty folder and does not load the materials. I had no problem with the other resources available or with other smart materials from other sources. Are the materials on the page broken or something? Also, are there any human skin materials available anywhere? Link to the resource page: http://3dcoat.com/download/#3 Thank you!
  2. digcta

    Baking textures

    Hello, I'm a concept artist, and I've been using 3D for creature and character design. I've been sculpting, painting directing on the voxels and rendering with 3D coat and it all works out great. It happens that sometimes I want to pose the painted model using other tools, and as I do not have any UV maps, most of the PBR, color and texture information is lost. I've tried creating the UV maps and backing the colors using the AUTOPO features, but as I'm new to this, I do not now what is the best approach to follow (UV, PTEX?). Ideally, I'd want to keep painting directly over the voxels because it is faster and I can preserve all the details, bypassing any UV manipulation. (I do not wish to use alternatives like painting with PTEX). Also, what information do I need to care about, when exporting with textures, in order to preserve all the details? Keep in mind that all this will be used to create 2D images, so I'm not concerned with texture sizes, polygon count, etc. Thank you!