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  1. Hello I am pretty new to 3D Coat, but the way I have been doing it is using the "Vox Hide" tool, and then going to "Geometry > Object-ify Hidden". It creates a new layer with whatever was hidden - just remember to delete hidden afterwards because it saves whatever you hid. Don't know if this is the best way to do it or not :P This does put it on different layers.... Why did you want it on a single layer?
  2. Hey guys, I have a technique question. I am wanting to pinch the edge of the blade for the axe, but I am not certain how to go about that. What is the best way to do this? Thanks!
  3. This is a bug: when I used the pose tool it suddenly put tons of holes in my mesh but only in surface mode. The tool works fine in voxel mode.
  4. I found the problem - the metallic thing was turned off. Also the AO got better once I rebaked it for some reason O_o
  5. It is already off I am having this other problem where the smart materials are not displaying correctly on the mesh. My model is already unwrapped, and baked. Also, the Ambient Occlusion layer makes the badger black. Is that a baking issue?
  6. Hey again I am getting these white patches when I bake my normal map from the sculpt and I can't figure out why. Please help!
  7. Ariannwyn

    Clothing questions and glitch?

    But in this video you showed, his cloth isn't even touching the mesh. Why do you say it has to be inside the mesh? Also, I discovered the problem I was having was because my model was not in voxel mode.
  8. Ariannwyn

    Clothing questions and glitch?

    Those don't solve my problem
  9. Ariannwyn

    Clothing questions and glitch?

    That is helpful but now I am having another problem. When I start the simulation it is not letting me wrinkle it with my brush - nothing is happening. Symmetry is off so that isn't causing the problem. I am not certain how to fix this.
  10. So I am attempting to use the clothing tool, and I started with a retopo dress, and when I start the simulation with the cloth tool in sculpt mode, it starts sinking through the mesh. I'm sure there is a way to make it rest on the mesh, but I don't know how to do that. Is it a glitch or a setting I missed? Also, I don't know how to do layered clothing. Is that something where I should make it all as a retopo mesh and then bring it in to create wrinkles with the cloth tool? Or do I make a piece, use the cloth tool, then import as a voxel object, and repeat with each piece? I have been using this tutorial which is helpful, but it doesn't talk about layered clothing. Thanks!
  11. Ariannwyn

    Grammar error

    Oh thank you! I will post there in the future
  12. Ariannwyn

    Grammar error

    I just wanted to point out that within the Autopo wizard, on the box that talks about the strokes, there is a line that says "Don't set too much strokes" and it should read "Don't set too many strokes".
  13. Ariannwyn

    Keeps locking up my computer

    Are you on a Mac? I am on PC.... Is removing the 3D-CoatV47 in Documents what I need to do? Is there another folder I need to remove? I don't think I have an Applications or ~ folder Or am I supposed to delete the folder in Program Files?
  14. Ariannwyn

    Keeps locking up my computer

    I am having the same issue. I have the latest version of 3D Coat also. When I try to use the Voxel layer tool my whole computer freezes and I have to force shut down.
  15. Thank you, I think it must have been a user error