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    Autopo Strokes wont curve

    Thanks for the reply. First, unfreezing removes everything from the first step of the Autopo process, which is to freeze areas that you want to have higher detail. Second, I tried what you suggested as well and the strokes only creates strait lines still. Could this be an issue of size? I just noticed that I have to zoom way in to make the model show up. If so, is there a way to normalize the size? In ZBrush and Maya the size is correct so it seems odd that it would be a size issue.
  2. I am running into a problem each time I use the Autopo Wizard and get to the 'strokes' part. Whenever I draw a path the resulting stroke will not follow the curve I set. It will only produce straight lines. I have added a gif for your convenience.
  3. Bradimus

    3D Coat GL UV crash

    I have been trying 3DCoat and it's UVing system with great results but now this week after my 3rd model it crashes when selecting an edge on the bottom. It seems like its crashing when selecting the same place each time. The screenshot below is the crash report.