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  1. these are my results in directX, in opengl there are about 100 point less. My laptop is a fujitsu lifebook t901, I5, 8 gb ram, intel hd 3000, wacom digitizer display. The real slow down happens when the cursor moves on the geometry and then when you sculpt, when the cursor is on the background it's fast as it should be, while in Blender is always fast. Hope it helps.
  2. maybe similar problem here : Im working on a laptop with wacom digitizer screen and intel graphics hd 3000, quite old, no cuda, so I use 3dcoat Directx when the pen, and the brush, is on ther geometry (about 600.000 polys) it really goes slow, very slow, quite unusable...the strange thing is that the same geometry in Blender sculpt has no problem, it's fluid and fast, and we are talking about the same poly count.... is there some setting that I miss? Is it possible that on older hardware blender sculpt more fluidly that 3dcoat? thanks in advance for any suggestion
  3. StefanoCiarrocchi

    Text and curve tool doesn't work

    Thanks for your reply Tony, unfortunately I have the italian(maybe this is his name) keyboard and the square brackets doesn't work directly, they need a combination of Alt Gr + key, so at the end the shortcut don't work. Do you know where can i set this parameter on another shortcut? thanks again!
  4. StefanoCiarrocchi

    Text and curve tool doesn't work

    can I add another question? I'm cutting some geometry in voxel mode, and the tool icon is a huge yellow circle, as in the image, that slow down a lot the performance of 3d coat.... how can I decrese the radius of the tool? in the upper bar there is no size settings ... thanks again in advance
  5. StefanoCiarrocchi

    Text and curve tool doesn't work

    Hi Carlosn thanks for your reply......I was thinking about a stupid error, simply because 3 days ago everything was ok....and I found it. As you can see in the image above, "Invert shift action" is active, so it draws the curve only when i keep the shift pressed....shame on me.... please delete this post and thanks again for your support
  6. Hi there curve tool doesn't create any kind of curve, or points to control the curve when I click on the geometry; same problem with the text tool, no text is created when clicking. The geometry is active and visible, both in polgon or voxel mode.... Any suggestion how to fix it? Thanks in advance
  7. StefanoCiarrocchi

    [Solved] Move tool in surf mode weird behavior

    thanks a lot Carlosan for your fast solution! this explain very well the "newbie" ... but this is my revenge ! ---->
  8. StefanoCiarrocchi

    The Ritual

    Helllo everybody I'd like to show you my last personal project, sculpted and rendered with 3DCoat, and then some post work in Photoline Comments and critics are welcome, hope you enjoy it!
  9. StefanoCiarrocchi

    [Solved] Move tool in surf mode weird behavior

    the problem remain even in voxel mode
  10. HEllo everybody it's the second time that I found this strange behavior with move tool in surface mode. There are no freezed polis, no mask, nothing., but the move brush seems to influence only some parts of the model. Any suggestion? This problem makes impossible macro modification of the surface via move tool, and this is a job model. Thanks in advance Stefano