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  1. Not a feature per se, but one thing that's really missing in my opinion is a proper written documentation. Nothing against the videos, they are done very well, but in my workflow I use 3D Coat now and then for specific tasks and I'd wager that's the case with many users who do 3D professionally. This means I need something to get me up to speed quickly and directly and I might forget things between uses. The tooltipps are great for this as a first step, but an up to date documentation with workflow examples would go a long way. The current documentation is often lacking in that regard. The problem with the videos is the time they take to watch, they might be outdated at times, valuable tipps might be buried somewhere in them without this being apparent from the description. Of course they have advantages too (and like said they are very well done) but they can't replace a full written documentation in my opinion. As far as features are concerned I agree that sculpting layers are missing (I can't imagine that would work for voxels, though) and I'd also say that sculpting, painting and retopo should be the main focus of the software.
  2. That worked! Thanks for taking the time and the workaround!
  3. Yes, just regular 0-1, one channel, no Udim
  4. Findus

    Autopo density painting has no effect at all

    Not sure if this helps, but I'm pretty sure density control has worked for me in the past (which doesn't mean it works in all cases and for everyone, of course.) There might have been some caveat, like not adding too many control lines in those areas. Edit: Did a quick test: Note that 3D Coat struggles if there is no change in form and only shifts the topology around. Seems like it needs a form change to motivate changes in loop topology (and probably enough resolution as well).
  5. Well, it doesn't seem to be the number or size of the islands.
  6. I assume it would import, since just the hair with all the overlaps imports as well, so maybe it's not the overlapping after all. As for the problem at hand, I worked around it by splitting the import like described, so while I assume there is a bug, my current problem is resolved. I'll do a test case with lots of islands in order to see if that's the problem.
  7. Thanks, but the Uvs should be correct. I also checked for strays and outliers in W. The fact that exporting the same UVs in two parts succeeds hints to another cause as well and the tricount is well below 50 k. My guess would be that the number of UV islands or overlapping islands plays a role.
  8. Sorry, can't share period. (Without major hassle and jumping through hoops, which the situation doesn't justify for me.) I realize that pretty much puts any investigation to a halt.
  9. I'm trying to import a mesh of a head with many alpha planes for hair. However I get the error message shown in the title and 3D Coat crashes if I attempt to import anyway. No vertices are outside of the 0-1 square. Interestingly I can import the mesh if I delete either the hair or the head, so there should be nothing wrong with the mesh or uvs (and while the uvs of the alpha planes do overlap quite a bit or are identical in many places, they do not touch the uvs of the head.) All faces share the same Mat ID and Material (which is a very simple one for testing purposes). Happens both with .obj and .fbx. Unfortunately I can't share the mesh. Any changes or bug fixes in this regard after 4.08.07? Are there other known conditions that can lead to the triggering of the error message in question? I've seen a couple of threads with the same problem, but no definite solution. A few of them used lots of alpha elements with (presumably) layered UVs as well, but that might be a coincidence.
  10. Findus

    Seperating paint objects question

    You can hide elements and uv islands in the uv room, the paint room will be updated accordingly.
  11. Thanks, AbnRanger! Should I write an email to Andrew? (Can"t write in the feature request forum.)
  12. Doing retopo again and stumbling over this very problem once more. What"s the usual workflow, here? Moving edges doesn't seem to make any sense to me. I'm constantly switching tools for small corrections.
  13. Findus

    Object import

    Thanks, will look into it! Does this happen because of different resolutions (E. g. a layer with 10x has different transforms than one with 5x) and can the resolution be changed independently of layer transforms? Edit: Wait, I think I get it. Layers are objects in 3d-coat world.