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  1. The Unknown British Soldier, somewhere in the Western Desert in WW2...
  2. olmi57


    German WW2 20mm Quadruple Anti-Aircraft Gun "Vierling".
  3. olmi57

    Russian Steam Loco

    Thanks. stutsutcliffe, you're right, hence the loco in perspective. No "design choice", I was so fascinated that I forgot being still in ortho... Yeh, my site is technical, don't know why I love those old military machines... BTW, I appreciate your entries in the forum.
  4. British PM Winston Churchill in Egypt on his mission to boost the morale of his beaten troops, August 1942. Drawings not supposed to be cartoonish... Oliver http://www.o5m6.de
  5. Famous British WW2 General Claude "The Auk" Auchinleck, stopped Rommel at El Alamein in July 1942. My first bust in 3D Coat, another step on the steep learning curve, hope you like it... The Auk is gone...
  6. Italian wounded soldier with captured British 0.303in. Bren Machine Gun in the desert, surrendering... My first 3D Coat vignette using the new scuplt layers. Oliver. Italian POW.mp4
  7. Russian Steam Loco Series OB, built in Moi3D and heavily weathered in 3D Coat.
  8. Is there a way to import a whole directory of obj files into Paint Room with the same import options ?
  9. olmi57

    Export to Toolbag issue

    Strange issue when exporting from Coat and loading the maps into Marmoset Toolbag 3. Basically the same workflow as Chipp's above, but all maps messed up somehow... Any ideas ?
  10. olmi57

    Importing several objects into one scene

    For Surface Materials again : "Steel", "Steel1", Steel2". Original Material for all three obj : "Steel". TenderRearStep.mtl TenderSuspension.mtl TenderWheels.mtl
  11. Hi everybody, I have splitted one large obj into several smaller ones in order to get several uv maps. The objects share the same (surface) materals (e.g. "steel") on export. After importing the objects into one scene, these same surface materials are splitted into different materials ("steel1", "steel2" etc.) in the surface material editor. Is there a way to reunite/rename them after import so I can texture the surface material "steel" again on all different objects ? TIA Oliver.
  12. As I said, I'm unable to select the "barrel" Paint Object in order to move it to the new uv set.
  13. In UV Room, I have isolated a Paint Object in order to move all of its islands from the "Grey" uv map to the new "Barrel" uv map. No chance to select the whole Paint Object, selecting all respective islands in UV Preview is inappropriate due to the sheer amount of islands. Any idea ? TIA.