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  1. I have a query on exporting materials, I know many people requested in the past to have materials assigned per object (especially to suit Substance painter style workflows), but is there any option to do the reverse when exporting the objects and textures. I know you can combine many objects into a single retopo group and this will have a single material assigned per resulting paint object. However I would like to do the reverse. I wish to combine many objects onto one uv map, creating a texture atlas for several objects rather than a uv map per object, but keep the many objects as separate items. I can combine the many objects onto the one UV map, but keeping the objects as separate retopo groups means 3D Coat exports the materials as object1_albedo, object2_albedo etc. I want to keep the objects as separate items, sharing a common UV atlas (rather than individual UV maps) and also share a common material name. Object1 and Object2 below : The reason being when you import the objects into Unity, if each object has an individual named material, even though that material is identical being the combined UV atlas, each item then causes separate draw calls when rendered in Unity, below is example of material object1_color, and object2_color is then identical. Because of the naming change Unity classes these as two separate materials, resulting in increased draw calls. Not a big issue for a few objects, but my project has a few thousand parts. Is there any way to export the objects and texture from Paint room but have materials only assigned per UV map ?
  2. pattanner

    [Solved] Autopo suddenly misbehaving

    THanks Carlosan Just found the issue, There was a hole in the mesh
  3. Autopo has suddenly decided to ignore the required poly count. IT was working fine all day, creating nice low res meshes without any stroke guides, and pretty close to what I entered in the required poly box. Then suddenly for the next reference mesh it completly ignores the required poly count dialog and creates 417 poly when I asked for 5000. Anyone have any ideas why ?